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Oz room continental by leaders I should end by dean once again here's Paul well lots of people old friends new friends this ship around and paying attention to what's going on David Taylor chief executive officer of castle in the sitting nearby and we appreciate him listening in and to Rick then a a president of R. O. Y. strategic business solutions among others who are regular WJAR listeners we appreciate that people of all walks of life all ages benefiting from what we try to work very hard on here apathy sick events all of these various events and they do a nice job ticket the grand traverse resort and spa I mentioned earlier it has been in the years that we've been coming we've been seeing the major improvements along the way and that's the way to put it good to see they've done a heck of a good job and we'll talk a little bit about that with the Chilean manning at eight thirty seven this morning grand traverse resort public relations manager in in nice to to we stop by to say hi to guy Gordon before his broadcast from the grand traverse pie company might get Wesley in them Susan Wilcox Olson is the promotion of person to an I. seven A. M. I haven't had a chance to taste it but they have this new cherry pie this new Bern they call of Verner Sheri or cherry Werner's as something like that it's it's Werner's ginger rail mixed in with the pie I like a seven seven tried yet but Tony Butler the engineer who worked our show then ran over there and set up guys show did taste that they're Werner's cherry pie it's fabulous surely there can't be any figures in that part add ginger ginger said gingery tasted the pie which which in fact Mike told me is a very good combination in in baking and cooking I I didn't know but they have so many great pies the Michigan berry pies especially good with our of our Michigan berries put in their cherries and and everything all good stuff and Trevor city is looking good and by the way busy I don't know if you get to come up here Dick very much but I have not been the Trevor city this year I was there last this last season and it was super busy but don't you know the economy's going good the weather's been great here the last couple weeks them wonderful weather so yeah of the of the north country and Trevor city are very very busy yeah they really are and and the beaches it's it's great see those those beaches along that main stretch yeah road right over beaches along US thirty one they're just beautiful right swirl around three thirty one French street US thirty one and and there are a lot more from the last time it seems that I was able to get down there doing some stuff of these national and international chain hotels that have of safe sprung up like wheat yes only in a good way and it's really something so what Trevor city is a good affordable family vacation and I fear people take advantage of it either out of out of fear that it's going to be too expensive for any number of those things and it just isn't the case right and you know through the work of the pure Michigan people Michigan tourism bureau now in national magazines and IT and magazines around the world that follow travel they have latched onto driver sitting in a couple of them have named Trevor city the number one beach town in America wow that's a big deal right that's a big game were sold free and shark for yeah then they in our water yup and the ones who like to hang around oceans oceans are beautiful but their salty you're going to the ocean you have come out and take a shower you don't do that here in our nice beautiful fresh water and there are no short sleeves they still think you should take a shower when you when you brought up but that's you know you don't have to know and I just feel so lucky no no the this is fresh water and sharks no little minnows around the feet well maybe so yeah date may they tickle now what sharks do with around your feet that's.

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