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The world cup they're fourteen minutes in they are scoreless england and tunisia the schedule later on in sweden earlier beat south korea one nothing on a penalty kick goal from its captain andrea scrammed quist moving on and getting over those the goals for the cubs and white sox today the cubs moved back on home after a five nothing lost to the cardinals left them one half game behind milwaukee in the division they're only here for a bit though a threegame series with the dodgers starts tonight and the cubs have back on the road tyler chat with throws this evening against kenta maeda cubs starters have now gone eleven games in a row without allowing more than three earned runs jose can was charged with two runs in five innings last night heavier buyers might miss tonight's game after his arm was bruised by jack flare pitch last night cubs did not have x rays done they also are not expected to the white sox moved onto ohio dylan covy will pitch the opener of a three game series with the indians sox have to get over a fourth straight loss the tigers finished a series sweep yesterday with the three one win james shields took the loss but maybe didn't deserve it matt davidson i mean same james you know i mean he's going out kind of same thing for us to i mean not a sworn runs farm you know he's pitching while enough to win a ton of games and you know it's frustrating in that aspect of it you know he goes out and kills it six innings three runs allowed for shields covy tonight's pitcher allowed the indians to runs five days ago i earned runs that he had allowed in june nationals in the yankees have a suspended game to resume later today before their regularly scheduled affair the nba draft is three days away the.

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