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News Miami new York's governor is pushing for the federal government to establish a coronavirus compensation fund much like what was done following nine eleven governor Cuomo referenced the lighting up of landmarks in blue this week a visual way of saying thanks to those on the front lines including doctors nurses technicians cops firefighters transit workers and others the governor saying they'd all be eligible for this fun what's even better is to take action that shows our gratitude saying it is nice doing it is even better adding he's already begun to pursue it I've been working with our congressional delegation we think the federal government should set up a hero's compensation fund James flip in New York European countries are coming together on a relief agreement to support Europe's economies amid the global covert nineteen crisis Mario Centeno who heads the finance minister's groups from Europe countries was proud of the agreements this is totally unprecedented we never have reacted so quickly to a crisis has designed the deal agreed by all nineteen finance ministers did not however include more far reaching cooperation in the full Lisette burrowing guaranteed by all member countries this issue was left open despite it being a key demand from its the Spain France and six other countries the idea however was rejected by Germany Austria and the Netherlands Centeno however remained optimistic that they have learned from past mistakes we can all remember the response to the financial crisis of the last decade when Nero the a little too late this time around is.

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