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L jemaine bracket mother nation italy's not in it so i'm not tony tough times it's tough times but we look more when we're think about the money market more generally with thinking of where is it that the market thinks the path will be for the federal funds rate the fed is it changing that would only happen glacial meaning it would take a lot of data in new information to change the market's view on where the fed will end with its path is that data you're going to glean what what do you want to see that will allow you to know what sherman deals going to do the catalyst would be a change in inflation he essentially in his last press conference after the last fomc meeting the fed's policy meeting tossed out naive ru meaning where the fifth thinks inflation won't accelerate anymore the jobless rate is three point eight percent typically an economist historically would say well jobless rates low three point eight but anything below x would mean higher inflation rate that hasn't happened and so we watch turkey you'll know this tony cassese with his dirt bike he was a kid on staten island they went out pass western avenue to the container terminal he tried to do the evil knievel with four evil knievel toy wind him up and jump anything places in new york city you can actually write a dirt bikes i didn't know that i like to do donuts and wheelies and go over there rants like evil can you you're going over the elizabeth porter resign is off the hey calcutta special insurance plan insurance.

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