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This week they might lose a couple more and the cycle continues with the team that has just had an abundance of injuries over the last couple of years and it's not the source of all of their problems but it certainly doesn't help matters much because the mets they need some of these bats to come back to help out this squad and they need the fine bullpen arms that can help out as well and be dependable beyond say robert gazelle man who's really been the guy in seth lugo for that matter now they had that double tomorrow against the braves and this was not the way that they dreamt it up wheeler fought his way through six or at least they got that but they had to use salman today so he wouldn't be able to go deep tomorrow they could go lugo deep tomorrow pj collins on the roster still have some options but still not announcing who will start game two after jacob degrom goes in game one and it'll be another game where they need some innings out of jacob degrom and he's been more than willing to provide them a one point five four era overall they season but a couple of things you saw in this game as well the mets defense lacking in a lot of ways especially early on michael conforto and jay bruce miscommunicate on very catchable ball to right center field in the first inning that goes as a hit in the books but that's a play that's got to be made behind zack wheeler wilmer flores throws the ball about twenty feet over adrian gonzales his head stephen react to try to catch up how far off it was a callaway saying that no flora's throws have been an issue because of the back four stroz been an issue since it came up to the big leagues he cannot throw from the left side of the infield the first base this has been evident for a very long time it's not just what's happening with the back here obviously it's gotta to be some kind of factor but he's never been able to consistently make accurate throws the first base i've never seen him as bad as he's been this weekend in milwaukee so he'll get that back looked at and you had a med rozario make an error on a ground ball right to them hit by the.

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