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I everyone. I'm each talk. I am welcome to live from the peleton. My podcast as you probably know martime in the peleton his ended my final rice was para by any means episode. I'm going to get you to come along with me on the road from my final trip. Which speaking of other pros and these episode bird tobacco leuchter reach met. Hyman sebastian langeveldt stiffen being a tom. Scully markle valeron algren. Sam buea and jack bauer so guys sit back and enjoy my loss road trip as a pro russian you go into a lot of other ices but then when you come back to i every time you enter into the first sector couples you just get this reminder of bloody rough these starnes until you're actually doing it like you can watch as much stuff on. Tv's you want but you just any feeling is one of those. Things said a lot hype relationship with situations like yesterday you. You're when you're part of the rice it's one of the most beautiful rises but when you're on the other side of the rice and it's Can be the most horrible so I think that's what's so special dame. I got some respect for you. Guys as so many times in fact gives it's brutal honestly brutal three along day and then also the carbos make it even hall and all these bombs and stuff like you're you're really Going at the limit of your body as well. And i think that's what it makes so so special that's also why it's called the hell of north but he asked some special. Ed i mean the cobbles history When i was young my period shale from those guys it's yeah for me just special special raisin think. One of my top results was also bay. Game in the fella drome sprinting. Victory was phenomenal. See bar the that's you will. I mean take with you for the rest of your life so.

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