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Check them out on facebook and also eagle vision video productions are media show supporter, so yeah, without further ADO, we'll get to the episode. Don't forget to click that. Subscribe Button so you can tune in more to pursue the hunt podcasts and make sure you check out our website and follow us on Instagram facebook all right, enjoy the show. Over one and welcome back to another episode of Pursue Hut, live. I might treason and I'm here with a special guest today. Tony Warner. He is a personal friend of mine and also the asser of. Chapel downtown. So today what we're going to be talking about is Tony and I shared hunt together a few years ago, so we'll be talking about that as a goat as she punting hunting trip, and then we're also going to talk. About his book that he's recently released and we'll. We'll go over that little bit with you so welcome here Tony Beer. Thanks for being on the show today, so let's talk sheep and go hunting so years ago, actually two thousand seventeen. Years Ago Yeah I was looking back in locks. And it was three years ago so Tony Nine what we did, is we? we plan to hunt, and it was a goat sheep hunt. It was GONNA be late season beginning of October. For a week or so? And OPHIR NORTHERN BC and Yes, so, what? What did you think about your overall experience like? was that your first back country? Hunt well I actually officially hunting goat cheese for sure I had ever experienced. That I grew up a spent a lot of growing up years on the coast, so it was mostly deer hunt. And films in isn't boomer of erupted some pretty beautiful country. Yeah, the experience. And I'm. Not sure and I mean being late season I was I was a little bit worried with. I had been there before, and I mean man could be fall when you go to sleep. And winter when you wake up, which is a little bit about what we expect, what do you? And so, we we, we went on the quad a couple of hours. And, then we hiked in cross. The river set up camp. Immediately onto the goats, which was pretty exciting to could even start glossing them right up on the side the mountain there, too. I I remember being shocked about the the length of the days. And probably in the time I've been course John Most of the hunting I've done here is know like August right season in August, or whatever so you're. You're out at five o'clock in the morning and It's a really long day. This little window right, and then you and I find ourselves tucked into a tent. I mean for a long night, which was interesting. We had a decent fire. Could we built a fire, because we trust the river, and then we glossed those goats, and we decided to go right up. The Ridge is drop as much weight as we could. We went up that Steve. Ray Rid. Yeah, and I told you I said Tony. We're GONNA go a goat trail and we literally. Go trail that was very coats coach. So, what was your? What was your experience in? The physically preparedness like how how did you feel physically prepared for that type five? I I felt at that point I was. At the top of my game, in terms of physical shape, so no problems there at all. No, no problems there at all. Do Remember you like you find a little bit, you know. I was GONNA say for. L. Pepper. That's. Good! For All for all that salt-and-pepper. Beard. To be. Could climb you repack in a lot of the heavy gear like you have the spotting scope on the back and bunch of other stuff, so yeah, no I felt really good. It'd been awhile like like. It's funny like I grew up in Belic Lula. which is, that is really late west six hour drive. And my brothers and I. Two brothers be allowed in that kind of stuff, and they actually leap. People down there newhall nation used to call us nicknamed now go because just love doing this kind of stuff, so it kind of felt like going back there again like literally I remember remember one point I was probably sixteen or seventeen. My brother younger than me, but we. Laugh as you're driving develop, who always saw out? And one one. One summer we thought let's just go up there and see if we can. We can be sheep. We had a couple of friends with US humbly on shake, and but we got all the way up there and then we realized we got up there. We come back down literally. After after three hundred foot drops all the way down and I thought. There's no way these guys down, but. We ended up getting everybody back safe. And it took me back to those days I was like this is awesome wasn't unfamiliar, really us. And then coming up, so we came up. This was a really cool, but we came out of the kind of came out of the tree line there when you never. And right above us on a shirt with. Is. is a goat sitting there. Looking at us, yeah, yeah, there was a group of of Nannies their rights yeah. It was questionable whether we could get to that point. Yeah, because mean. We did figure they're. They're one or two nannies in there, so we were kind of like. We should hold out. But yeah, when we actually did get up there, we looked and it was. It would have been really sketchy. Getting something out there. It's you know it's. There's some people that when the sheep hunting stops, the goat hunting begins right because you and I both saw those goats, only classrooms ousted that that cliff on the other side of the ocean. And they would just. meander. On the on the sides of those cliffs, so we knew it would be a a hall so okay so day one. We come back off the ridge after seeing the ghosts which was super cool. Long night. We wake up. And there's like. A few inches of snow. On the ground. Bottom of the mountain. And it was well in which is another? This is another reason why you're. So heavy because you had the foresight thing. We should pack hip waiters, which which honestly I was like I've never got waiters on hunt ever and I was like you're crazy. Mound. Be Back in these on your back and I had mine on my back, but The next day we went right up the draw. And draw so narrow. On never forget the images of my mind, and he's just. He's cliffs in. It's snowing in the Lakers Ya just beautiful stark contrast in colors and. And Miss, the just like like an epic moments, and we are in this little draw rushing little river with our hipsters on a super thing before that. Have gone off the waiters. They'll never forget coming around the corner and and I mean it just like. This harsh harsh conditions and come around this corner. There's this. There's this nanny with a couple of votes on the side. and. I mean you know obviously we? We were looking for the billy goat out there but. That those moments. Bow and that's the thing about hunting is it's not it's not just about killing right like hunting. Is that whole aspect of fair chase? outwitting that animal in their environment when you look at a goat's environment. I mean just being able to physically handle that environment. Let alone. You know duping amount. Mountain goes little. is another thing when you get to see game in general like a mountain goat or a sheep. That's maybe not legal or user whatever it's super cool because. You're you're just you know.

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