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And don't like about the work. I'm doing you can reach the podcast via email. At settlers in brusett gmail.com. The show is on twitter at settlers. Bruce and my personal twitter is at jesse jackson. Dfw we have a website www settling bruce dot com from there. You can find links to other springsteen podcasts as well as other music themed podcast wherever page devoted to our own. Sob all star band. These are guests. Who have been on the podcast more than three times. There is a link to our store where you can purchase settling bruce shirts as well as a merry question t shirt. There is a link to our patron page where you can sign up to help. Support the podcast financially. We have different levels and different rewards based on your support. If you don't have any extra cash and right now who does you can sport the podcast by subscribing the your favorite podcast player leaving us a review the more reviews we have the easier. It is for people to find us. And please tell. A friend about the podcast. Especially if they love bruce or music because it will make a difference. You just heard the fun talk hard. Rock music album rating band thanking joy spreading leered readings story sharing podcasts. That is the one the lingers.

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