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To the phones all right let's go to crescent valencia california you're on the air k chris gee i j i fellows um i just wanted to say uh real quick that i donate to uh acl received as much because it's a matching challenged was whatever you and we can imagine gipper less great thanks for us absolutely uh first of all it's real quick molest polarized when we get into a quick the f thirty five i wish people would get off that i mean red flag alone the results 17th until ratio um the jet is everything it is and it's only and it's a what second first generation rock wherever right so um but getting to putin here uh anything what's going on uh w with our aligning and uh you know as far the sanctions what they've already done and how we're gonna what the administration plans to do as far as energy and drilling you know that that it would then become the leading producer oil over russia and uh that's our hard currency and um and they also see our capabilities and what's gone on in the middle east with uh how fast we took out isis or pretty much yep and really gonna yeah and he's and you know short and uh this is how a personal with his uh you know been tally you know going back to the missile shield he was invited into that so this is all predicated on a lie about 'em saying that that were uh you know we 'cause this no there's you know him on this chris to me is that um you know there was a vacuum in as i said he'd the putin came in to fill it and he a natural allies with iran and with syria because this series by proxy for iran and iran's in cahoots with.

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