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Before we throw it out to John and Dave to entertain you throughout the night game, two of the short two game friendly between the Giants and the A's last night at the Coliseum. Tonight at Oracle Park. Neither will be played in front of fans because that's the way it's going this year. Major League baseball the Giants, of course, their final tuneup before they get things rolling for real Johnny Cueto against Clayton Kershaw Thursday night at Dodger Stadium to kick off a 60 games scheduled that we've played in 66 games. Now, tonight we get Tyler Rogers starting for the Giants, Will he? How long will we go? He's a relief pitcher. Eyes. This Gabe Kapler starting with the opener. Will Rogers getting extended start? We'll find out now. Last night we saw Gabe used nine different pitchers in nine innings. Theeighties will counter with Mike fires. The veteran Who was so good for Oakland and yet faded a little bit a ce faras, his durability down the stretch on Ly going past the sixth inning, one time in his final eight starts. Now what happens with roster tonight? The Giants By the way, went 99 into in the Arizona portion of spring training that was shut down March 13th due to the Cove in 19 pandemic that saw the cancellation of the final 13. Cactus League games or preseason games before the season began. So that's what happened in Arizona. But the Giants taxi squad It's a 30 man roster to start the year, which will eventually be cut down to 26. There's 60 men on the Giants full roster, so the final 30 guys will be sent to Sacramento for workouts and scrimmages. Giants 60 man roster does include this year nine of their top 13 prospects on the roster this year. That means you may see these guys at some point now it's unlikely with some of the younger players but on the roster this year Joey Barton, Marco Luciano, Elliot Ramos, Alex Canario, Louise Torri be Oh Will Wilson, Mauricio Dubon Logan Web Jalen Davis. And number one draft choice Patrick Bailey, So you may see some portion you missy. All those guys at some point over this calendar year over this schedule, I should say for the Giants now the A's got some bad news today. A J puck will be out two weeks with the left shoulder strain the giant schedule this year, 60 games 40 games against the National League West. And they'll play 20 against the American League West with 10 coming on the road and 10 coming at Oracle Park will continue with Diamond notes next and give you the lineup for tonight's game as we continue in the sports leader. And the.

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