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Kitchen table for the best part free days bob not been allowed to ripen in so now i think it. Sorry about the noise. That's the box i. It's funny the books on the The number on the front of the box has fifty six. Which happens to tom. Childs fifty-six isn't national dominated. That might give. Because i know your sense of humor. I think this is a box. And i think this business cards. 'cause i he's like a heavy so it might be a mark. It's a mark case. It's a mug for a listener. Brad has brought me a mug. Wage on one side has At fifty six with the blue tick on and on the other has a picture of rome bugging with the me. I'm kind of a big deal. I looking at show it. I know people listening. But i thought he could feel very much nelson. There is a reason there is something else. there's something else. We need to release the video of this part. We already do. We're sending his ready. He said we'll do so. He's also got me of the same design my handle on it at some charles fifty six the blue checkmark and in a big picture of day. He says i'm out of a big deal. People me man. That's really that's amazing. As i've i've i am football tournament tomorrow and all of my dad's ferric verification and it winds. I'm going to turn up to pre game more walmarts in this day. Shirts hope of the rights sides. Xl i'm trying to lose weight at the moment. I'm trying to go. Ben roethlisberger so yeah that's for sure. Thank you very much. Spreads always met noise. No you got me. It's ship before when you said britain. Vh reads my tweets. So i'll have to return the favor especially when you get this blew off yet. Thank you very much. Appreciate your your get forgetting one. I hate you for funny anyway. Should the chiefs news. This show is not about us. It's about the chase. Come on okay and the only got like a week maybe a week or three weeks before we have to get likes serious with this by like free weeks time. We're going to have dame's dakota we're gonna be talking about pre and post games and who were looking out for in previews and reviews and stuff we're going to be. We're gonna be busy boy so enjoy this talk chat. Line las vegas. Yeah or just grin and bear it for another few weeks. If that's your opinion of it it will soon be serious kingdom. It will be all business from now until the second week in february. So if i'm business in the front part in the back right then meant cheese news earlier in the week chiefs actually brought back alex. Okafor of losing out on. Melvin ingram after he signed with the steelers now. I wasn't totally convinced. That jason actually trying to get melvin ingram I know the kind of sniffed about Tires on him. But this time. I don't know i. I don't think they were all on it. Because i think maybe melvin ingram is asking for a little bit more or the agent was asking for a bit more. But it's the. I always say this about play. That we've been linked with has melvin ingram and his agent used the cheeks yet again to try and get paid. You say get paid. Who's building was only four million dollars an address. Ya four million dollars is quite cheap really concerned. That what we're planning frank clark. Okay melvin frank clark completely different passive career but they still play the same position. I just don't think the chase but are interested. I think they were to begin with when they found out how much melvin ingram wanted they probably looks alex okafor and said we could probably get the same sort production for the same price and they not nottingham him alex forbes he has injury problems besides melvin. Ingram in recent years is well. He's at injury issues. Trust alexander for they're not looking for the alex commun- and be like the guy he's coming into a and i don't think melvin ingram could come in and been the guy so go with the tried and tested methods..

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