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The watch espn app fox you excited for that are you going i mean don't you love baseball i mean that's the pinnacle in baseball yes i am fox are you actually going cou i know i was being sarcastic but i new york because you weren't you're like never seen this before the network like you suggest i mean the way you said it was kind of like you're sick of it but politics that was a joke thanks making me look stupid i'm kidding oh no we're talking accuses actually at this stage of the game regarding those two teams i actually enjoy where the rivalry is i don't enjoy it for just what it is because i care so much about the teams squads are pretty good it's fun you know what i'm saying that sort of what the deal is at this stage in time is very good thing that's what's going to be cool when their planes game next year in london you know what i mean they're taking these two squad on the road which is something that big lease very rarely do yearly the nfl does all the time with mixed results but i think this is to be pretty good for hard for baseball player like they play or schedule wise they play like almost every day to go all the way over there i guess they only send in two teams that i sent him multiple teams to do now they're doing to teams that's pretty garbage idea 'cause they're doing in the middle of the year but that discussion they they sent the dodgers to australia three years ago jacked up their whole season that was massive mess but whatever anyway it should be fun though going to that too if you're wondering passport eight is on it like that so dominic whiteman now see again that's a perfect guay into this segment because this that's what the segment has become it's like lou clinton yates globetrotter dominique where you been i went to restaurant with my wife nbc i didn't go anywhere where restaurant we went to vida this week i think it had a soft opening down at the dc war hold on soft open means a level of privilege to your attendance so you had to be invited that is different from just going to a restaurant i don't know if that's true or not but i mean i understand what you're saying but i don't know you know how this goes my wife tells me where date night is and i show up so i don't know nothing about none of these restaurants this one was was pretty good it was they were trying to be it wasn't like expensive restaurant but it was kind of trying to be like a trendy popping restaurant but i guess in part because it was a soft open it wasn't really popping like that so i don't know i'm not much for the popping atmosphere at this point in my life so it was perfect for me had a little bit to eat and it was nice it was this event or was it simply open and you've dined as one would it was they were a tempting to just work out the kinks essentially what they are doing they're having a a normal restaurant night it wasn't as sort of event but they wanna do the soft open so that when stuff flags up it's not when all the the mainstream customers gotcha was not passed by his boring let's talk about okay my bed okay are omar all right mall was.

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