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To a grand jury but they expect it will be alex silverman for cbs news new york a suspect is now under arrest in tampa charged with the killings of four people which terrorized a neighborhood in that community for weeks how donaldson arrested after he asked to coworker at mcdonald's to hold on to his bag while he went on an errand a bag contained the gun colleague called police police chief brian dugan says the gun is what they needed to make their case firearm with you in all wore murder as our investigation continued into the early hours of this morning we were then able would gather the probable cause and charge how donald so what or how a first degree murder police say donaldson had no apparent motive a gunman is shot dead by a swat team after taking a hostage and opening fire from a condo complex in reno nevada officials say no one was seriously hurt the hostages now safe steven panic the man who killed fifty eight at a las vegas casino had owned a unit at the same complex in reno police do not know if this shooting was the copycat crime one dead in a fire that investigators say was intentionally sat in a man's apart but in fitchburg officials have not released the victim's name they say he lived alone in a onebedroom apartment on valley street officials say fitchburg firefighters rescued the man he was taken first to a local hospital then transferred to a boston burn center where he died wbz news time six twenty one forty six now in boston dropping into the '30s the city 20s suburbs tonight a man and his drone send a message from above to nfl fan there's a television leaflets fell from the sky up in san francisco forty mariners game on sunday a revised stadium in santa clara police say they were dropped by 55yearold tracy michael rape soothing drove across the bay to the oakland coliseum were the raiders were playing and again used a drone to drought flyers critical of the media he was arrested in oakland and has been charged with violating a santa clara city municipal ordinance but could face additional charges because the faa implements nofly zones over every nfl game mates is also being investigated for other related leaflet drops at a.

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