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Welcome back of course in the other semifinal match to city against liverpool all the drama everyone's focus was kind of on that and it was dramatic zeus opening the scoring early on but in the end it was allows go in the second half that really took the end of mines city's sales and it's live aboard vance to the semi finals you look at this two and you think oh the job done no problem could've show you as a liverpool fan i was not sitting comfortable in michio the what's possible stop and actually the worst possible start and stop that was all about the referee because it was a horrendous decision not to give a full against styling on bond dyke and of course said he put the ball in the back of the net and for them they coulda dreamt a best outsource from there to sell our schools these goal i'm in turmoil i can assure you fill liverpool fans of course the salako the turning point for city fans they could argue the sun disallowed go gain changing just on the strike at halftime incorrectly disallowed authorities an atrocious decision no question that sunday's own side when debris in a fish place he ball then it's carry us who punches a bowl i into into regardless of whether he intended to play the not it's totally irrelevant at that point the ball ends up to the net right before time you think a whole different the emotions offer facility of course pablo gets himself sent off in the brouhaha afterwards and city can just never find find the feeding these second off if the goal stands.

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