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Between the beltway and 123 causing a bit little of a delay right now it was a single lane getting by in each direction. I'm Rita Kessler WTOP traffic. The seven news first alert forecast with Brian Vandegraff. Well the stretch of weather is absolutely stunning all through the week leading up to the weekend lots of sunshine low humidity temperatures on either side of 80 degrees only it's very slight shower chance tomorrow let's break it down for you. Through this afternoon on your Monday looking gorgeous near 80 degrees overnight 50s to low 60s mainly clear and calm even a little cooler for those western suburbs now Tuesday a little bit warmer there will be a breeze partly sunny skies low to mid 80s for highs on a Tuesday with that isolated late -day shower or storm more of us will stay dry than get that shower action then by Wednesday Thursday Friday for that matter the whole end of the week temperatures on either side of 80 degrees sunshine and low humidity I'm 70s Brian Van Der Graaf in the First Alert Weather Center 69 degrees in Upper Marlborough 71 in Centreville and 68 right now in Northwest Washington brought to you by Long Fence save 20 % on Long Fence decks pavers and fences go to longfence .com today and schedule your free in -home estimate 1110 on UTOP money news at 10 and 40 with Jeff Claybaugh if your investments include S &P tracking funds you'll own Palo Alto Networks starting June 20th that's when it replaces Dish Network in the index Palo Alto stock has surged more than 55 % this year Sony's new Spider -Man movie open with a hundred twenty one million dollars

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