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I love going there it's when this place you can sit eat drink and have a wonderful time quality wines means the noma great atmosphere live music nights magic shows intimate wine pairing dinners even one classes as a matter of fact you can join a one blending class on Saturdays or Sundays from two to five PM you can go tomorrow their regular price is seventy five dollars but if you sign up online you save twenty five dollars and I'll give you their address in just a moment you get to take home a bottle of well the one you make yourself at school if you're looking to try something new can't decide between a sub annual blanc war Chardonnay urban press wineries your a twenty seventeen Grenache blanc is a great wind had some this week perfect for hot or cold weather light refreshing it's fragrant floral pick some up at the pavilions in Burbank on Alameda or go to urban press winery located at three one six north San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank for more information visit urban press winery dot com tell them whether from KFI some low clouds and fog possible overnight with lows in the forties and fifties mostly sunny tomorrow little bit cooler than today highs topping out in the mid upper sixties will warm back up on Monday and it's gonna stay nice all the way through next week with sunny skies and highs in the upper sixties to mid seventies we leave local live from the KFI twenty four hour news room I may be king a message from towns dire the American people can fix anything the problem is corporations and the people who run and owned them have purchased our democracy.

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