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On planet earth and I'm your host Chris Albrecht. Better known as the moped hunter and this is talking Mo- pars direct connections. You're listening to talking. With the MO car hunter your direct mention. All things. Ladies and gentlemen once again back on talking Mo- pars, my friend, and yours johnny moped Johnny. Welcome back to talking about Bart's buddy. Thanks for joining me. Thanks for having me Chris it was last time. Look forward to doing it again. Absolutely any time. It's always a good time when we get myself johnny moped on and. This was a last minute. You know Johnny reached out to me and said, Hey, what are you doing? I said I'm trying to figure out what this week's podcast is going to be about and he saved the day. So we're going to talk more bars and have a good time. So Johnny from what I understand, you have some trivia for me. I do kick it off in talks privy there. All right. We'll drop some knowledge on these folks. So my Buddy John Jones right the guy that I got. A general mayhem from. the guy that's painted my coronet. He's gotTa pay my seventy two charger that I didn't want Anyway good buddy. He's a he's a body and paint guy awesome. fabricator he's had the. Privilege of working on super birds and Daytonas. Before the fact, John's one of those kind of guys that can just build shit on his own right he doesn't need to buy the parts and he won't. He won't spend the money. He'll build his own nose weighing and everything. ANYWAYS buddy. His had a super that he restored. He painted and he took like like, I guess, like a Stencil of all of the panels so that he can remake them. You know. So like blade paper over the nose, let's say stenciled it. So he has the right dimension so he could cut his own sheet metal and make his own nosecone, make his own weighing all the brackets and stuff like that. He's got all that stuff. But anyway, one of the cool things he told me that I never knew. Case. So you know a seventy super bird. The nose on that car, the fenders on that.

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