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Titans jags. what's there to talk about. Jaguars suck Packers aligns packers are my favorite to come out the nfc. This i mean aaron rodgers. A man on a mission. Y'all jap is predecessor who is only like third stray. You know like that was a slap to the face man. Y'all gonna draft a quarterback he's gonna take air like this guy's going to take aaron rodgers job like you know arron rogers replays. Brett farve in arabs was clearly ally a better overall quarterback than brett farve Cowboys and bengals biggles. Actually i would have bingo win. An game what. Joe burrow's out cowboys beaten the bengals without the joe burrow. Bengals doesn't really say much about the cowgirls for me. Yes i call them the cowgirls texas texas in broke the bears amount note the bears. Are you know like one week to good one week. The bed texans. They got ready to number one wide receiver in plummets ever since panthers and broncos panthers can't beat the broncos what are we talking about here broncos. Don't even got a quarterback dude in rams the patriots. Me like data ended enough to tell you that you know who who lost between the tom. Brady and bill by the czech break up. Looks like the patriots loss. You know i mean. What else is there to talk about man. you know. i'm i'm saying. I got chiefs chiefs ed. The packers of my favorites. I'm also thinking the saints packers or saints. Nfc i don't really think anybody's going to beat the chiefs again in oh it's dega clearly dominate for while two teams make some major major moves you know and also on youtube. Don't forget subscribe and at right. Hand corner man. You know what i'm saying. You know subscribe keep fresh new content coming in every week. you know. We got the podcasts. You know for our sports podcasts. And we gotta music marketing blogs which also on park podcast. They're not really just just music. Marketing blogs also just marketing blogs you. Can you know some of the things we explain. You can use it to any brand pretty much. You know we tell you had a bill. Facebook fan pages up stuff like that Also don't forget you can subscribe to the podcast on apple. Spotify diesel amazon tune in and a bunch of other networks like slacker or whatnot also podcast will show up on our facebook. Fan pages.

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