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President's calls it nonsense, only sobriety. Fox News. Just part of his reaction to the New York Times story detail ing some of his tax returns, which the president has never released boxes. Rachel Sutherland has more live. Lisa $750 says how much President Trump reportedly paid in federal income taxes in 2016 and 17, and he paid $0 for 10 to 15 years before he is sworn in. White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany calls The Times report a hit piece just before debates and an accurate one at that. Reported. President reportedly offset tax bills with business losses. The president the Biden campaign quickly released an online ad showing the average elementary school teacher pays more than $7200 a year. Lisa Rachel. The president also tweeting criticism of the media, saying, Just like in 2016. They're bringing up all sorts of things with illegally obtained information and on ly bad intent outside the White House moments ago, the president getting a firsthand look at a new electric truck backed in part by GM and made it a Lordstown, Ohio, plant. The GM closed and then sold. So what is now? Lordstown Motors. Separately, Ohio officials, just announcing the GM has agreed to repay $28 million in state tax incentives because of closing that plant Joe Biden, focusing mainly on more prep for the first presidential debate. Trump stand in there in Wilmington has been Bob Bauer, the former Obama White House general counsel, and it sounds like a lot of the practice has been answers about possible conflict of interest involving Biden's son, Hunter Boxes, Peter Doocy. The candidates also won't be shaking. Hands, and they will not be wearing masks, either. Fox News Democracy 2020 coverage on the first presidential debate, moderated by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace is tomorrow night live of the Fox News Channel and the Fox News APP. A rally on Wall Street. The Dow's up for 62 Americas, listening to Fox This report is sponsored by positive coaching alliance Staying Connected Continues with 1061 FM Talk The spotlight of the 2020 election remains on North Carolina Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris will make a speech this afternoon in the capital city. Meanwhile, the president's daughter in law, Laura Trump, will stop by the Trump campaign's election headquarters in downtown Raleigh. From there, she'll attend to make America great again event at Finnegan's run farm in New Hill. Alarming crime numbers coming out of Greensboro, Police there say they've seen a 10% uptick and aggravated assault. There have been nearly 1400 so far this year. The Triads, Fox eight reports. There were three shootings Friday night. More jobs. They're coming to a mountain community. Matt McClure reports. Another large company is bringing a distribution center to Henderson County Town Manager Daniel Cobb revealed last week that home improvement giant lows is building a facility on Banner Farm Road in Mills River. It should be finished around a year from now. This comes after Amazon just opened a distribution center in Mills River earlier this month. I'm Matt McClure. Camp Lejeune. Marines attacked on base by wildlife for service members, Three Marines and one member of the Navy have been attacked while out exercising the attacker a coyote, the military says. All four incidents have happened in the Wallace Creek area. Those bit by the coyote all suffered leg injuries, the big concern, according to officials, the potential for Rabies or other disease. Efforts are underway to trap the animal. The Panthers celebrated the end of a 10 game losing streak, beating the Chargers Sunday. 21 16 Teddy Bridgewater finished 22 of 28 with 235 yards and a touchdown pass to Mike Davis. I don't want to get back on this plane fly bag for five hours and have the where about a law so pretty sure I was a lot of guys mindset. Kicker Joey Slye had five field goals in the win. Carolina will host Arizona on Sunday. With continuing news updates. I'm Kyle Wilson..

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