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To redeem now movie is also the middle of a new argentine series right now they're showing after twelve from 2014 described as a defiantly unsentimental coming of age story it comes from director martin shanley also at movie not part of that series but other offerings include thirteen zanetti from two thousand five occult thriller that won the world cinema grand prize at sundance and then the crime of monsieur lang for nineteen thirty six this is the concluding title in movies genre noir retrospective it's a politically provocative comedy thriller romance set at a publishing firm whose oppressive boss suddenly disappear sounds intriguing we certainly need to do our own john renoir retrospective here on the show we may get to that at some point in the future marathon again our link is phil spotting dot net slash marathons and you can go to movie dot com slash film spotting to start your 30day free trial i have a quick correction josh the cayman in response to our sacred cow discussion of 'bladerunner okay last week with michael phillips who got an email from primo duke la who got his dander up a little bit because we were we were nitpicking one of his beloved films it seems and he did have a very valid point remember when i was talking about how the relationship everything kind of about the relationship with the shaun young character and there's and ford character decker in 'bladerunner didn't work for me quite as well as i remembered at working and i pointed out how even in the scene with leon in the street where leon's attacking decker and then rachel shoots leon it seem completely jumbled in him make any sense how she got the gun in her hands and why she was carrying a gun primo points out that when replicant liane tracks down deckert after he has retired zohra leon bats the weapon out of deckert's hand and goes about giving him a righteous be down just when he's about to kill decker leon his shot an had by rachel she didn't just pull a gun out of nowhere she retrieved it from the street after deckert was disarm so sometimes when something makes no sense in a movie.

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