Kamala Harris, Senate Judiciary Committee, Donald Trump discussed on Markley and Van Camp


I'm Steve Cave and Kamala Harris is off the campaign trail through the weekend, a precaution after two people close to her tested positive for covert 19. Communications director and a flight crew member. CBS's Ed O'Keefe says the campaign indicates Harris tested negative as recently as yesterday. She was supposed to go today to Asheville, North Carolina and Charlotte for events kicking off the Tar Heel state early voting, which begins today, big opportunity for her to go to a state where they believe they're going to do well. To help Dr interests and turn out as early voting begins. But that is off the table now in the campaign, says her campaign travel is postponed through Sunday In Washington, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee made a move to try to stop the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney barrettes. The motion is not agreed to the business meeting will conclude the effort failed. Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar should not be Donald Trump's judge. This is your country, I say to the American people, not Donald Trump's, and this should be your judge. The Judiciary Committee will vote on the nomination a week from today, The NFL says the Atlanta Falcons have shut down their practice facility after positive Covad tests of surfaced. Correspondent Chris Van Cleve tells us there's a new study about health safety on airliners. The researchers used a test dummy that simulates coughing to release 180 million particles in each test. That's the equivalent of thousands of coughs on board an airplane. If everyone on board the plane is wearing a mask, researchers found on average, only a tiny fraction of 1% of those particles made it to another passenger's breeding zone. California is being urged to conserve electricity. Today, 50,000 customers in the northern part of the state don't have power cut off because of high winds intentionally and rising wildfire fears in Sacramento of fire came this close to burning Ron Castro's house. This is.

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