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Breaks are hearing the paul w smith show news talk seven sixty wjr well the things it i just hear bits and pieces about don't really know that much about i guess i will look into it i don't know if you saw this you're you're very busy fellow and staying on top of the other things but a deep into some of the little cheat sheets we get talking about stories children's movie has parents ready to boycott yeah peter rabbit if you have any idea what that's about i saw that yards peter rabbit i guess i haven't seen this but uh the the report says that uh this fell this movie has a peter rabbit making fun of uh of of allergies somebody with a food allergy of food allergy right and supposedly in some sort of a argument or conflict he throws the allergen food at an allergy sufferer well in the movie tommy is the villain and peter rabbit learns of the as a food allergy so it's peter rabbit who has seen the rabbits attack tom wait a minute i this who's doesn't make sense because they say they attacked tom with blueberries causing time to go into shock this is the unfortunate illegal ever through this story together didn't really pay attention to what they were saying right but the the but the bottom line is i guess peter rabbit learns their mom the up has a food allergy yeah and peter ravid who i've always thought was an allround good rabbit when i've thought about him uh they're saying that he was a taunting tom the villain with the fact that tom has a food allergy what the heck this any of this have to do with peter rabbit mm how does peter rabbit get into food allergies seriously i don't know maybe i don't remember peter radford from a growing up so much i dunno i dunno anyway so there's that a little bit of news out there that's important to see what happens with obamacare everthing involved care just goes all his awry soleus for i'll say uh.

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