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Options. To cancel training here quality could actually worsen today forecasters say the smoke will start clearing late tomorrow at the earliest Brian Calvert KOMO news fires within, six miles of each. Other have kept fire crews busy and maple valley one fire broke out around two o'clock this morning at a home near twenty four th avenue southeast and south east two hundred eight th street and elderly person. Was able to get, out safely with their. Dog complicating the firefight there no hydrogen that area so. Tender trucks had to ferry water to the scene a firefighter also had to, be checked out after coming into contact with electricity though they're said to be fine a few hours before that crews had to deal with. The fire at one sixty eight and two thirty Fourth Way southeast at south. Of the Miramonte neighborhood flames went through the roof there, Frank Lenzi KOMO news no reports of injuries or how those fires started or if there might be a connection a new, lawsuit claims Boeing is pumping, pollution, thousands of times above the legal limit. Entered the Duwamish river into here's komo's. Joel Moreno for any planes. Head to the Pentagon Boeing puts the finishing touches on them here at the military delivery center this same facility has also triggered a lawsuit by environmental, groups who say Boeing. Is violating the clean water act and Boeing just hasn't done what is needed to stop that pollution from getting into the Duwamish river tests of the Duwamish showed dangerously high levels of cancer causing PCB's at Puget. Sound keeper says is, contaminating the fish that. Orcas feet on that's one of the reasons for calf. Mortality PCB's are banned State Department of ecology found the Boeing site continues to, Leach the toxins into the river through stormwater runoff over the years Boeing has taken steps to remove the pollutants but environmentalists say much more. Needs to be done komo's Joel Moreno Boeing set KOMO news a statement that. Reads in part Boeing has demonstrated its, commitment to improving the. Health. Of the lower Duwamish waterway by investing in clean up activities stormwater treatment and habitat restoration for fish and, wildlife KOMO news time eleven thirty four and coming. Up no more solitary confinement for any, juvenile's at the King County lockup I'm Carleen. Johnson details of a settlement right now AAA traffic update time at. Eleven thirty four Keira Jordan trouble-spots yeah we're looking at this. Really slow drive.

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