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So when i was twenty one i finally introduced myself to a girl at a beach it was in ocean city maryland and her name was gloria she was from spain i was twenty one and that was the first time i ever introduced myself to a girl at a beach i passed her on the street and she looked right at me and the smile spread across her face that was so sincere and i just thought oh my gosh the whole world just went away for both of us but we walking directions i didn't think i'd ever see her again maryland's a big town we go down to the beach is right there with her friend i just went for it is went over and said i am andy he barely spoke english barely and i had been taking spanish everson seventh grade so i could communicate with her i thought this is finally happened i'd go visit her a lot of the weekends that's summer it was seven hours each way from pittsburgh ocean city and but i was still really slow in terms of making a move physically so i ended up i found myself it was her last night there she was heading back to spain the next day it was the end of the summer and i'd go to my car and i'm about to drive home and i'm like go pack their ask her if you can kiss her do something so i oakland orange at the door and i said and i was still chickening out i was like oh i just wanted to give you this qatar pick to remember me by and she's okay and i said well that and you know i wanna know if i could kiss you and she said i could not oh my gosh i couldn't believe it socked it hurt and thinking about the music of the beach boys when i met gloria always the backdrop it's always there i think it plays a part subconsciously in my whole life my wife and i met in pittsburgh and after we'd been dating for about two years we moved out to los angeles together i propose to her about ten months after we got here and then we got married shortly after an our song was only with you by the beach boys spam it was very special to have a beach boys song as my wedding song and i was acutely aware of how special she was the chee was totally into this and she loved the beach boys too and that i'd found a woman who was like yeah that's great that is our song we've been married fifteen years and we have two kids.

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