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Thanks for coming. It's ten 15 time for the AccuWeather 5 day forecast sponsored by four seasons heating air conditioning plumbing and electric. Here's meteorologist Matt Benz. And the snow continues to fall out there for this morning and we'll continue to see snow falling throughout the rest of today, though. It is fairly light out there and accumulations of anywhere from a coating to an inch or two of snow here across the Chicago area. I'd keep an eye out for some slick spots, especially on anything elevated that would be bridges as well as overpasses or again a high of 35° here for this afternoon, heading into tonight while psychotic lingering snow shower early, though of 26th tomorrow. Very cloudy skies dry day high of 38 and again to Tuesday, both to clotty high 38°. Wednesday, brisk and chili, some snow likely and we'll have to keep a close eye on the system maybe enough to shuffle high at 34 Thursday, mostly cloudy. It will be chilly with a flurry or two high on Thursday up to 31. Currently, 32° at O'Hare we have 31 at midway Lake in the hills reporting 31 at the lakefront it's 32. Frankie weather, I'm a geologist, map fans. Wbm newstime ten 16, time to pick out your certified pre owned Cadillac from heritage Cadillac dot com, and now time for sports. In the NFL playoffs divisional round a hobbled Patrick Mahomes was able to return to the game after an ankle injury to lead the chiefs to a 27 20 win over the Jaguars chiefs are heading back to the AFC championship game, mahomes will have an MRI today. In the NFC, Jalen hurts through two touchdown passes and ran for a score during a dominant first half and the eagles overwhelm the Giants 38 to 7 on tap today, the bills host the Bengals in Buffalo at 2 p.m., cowboys face off with the San Francisco forty-niners in Santa Clara at 5 30, and then in hockey, rookie Jackson, recorded 29 saves in his NHL debut, Jason Dickinson scored a goal and two assists Blackhawks beat the blues 5 to three in St. Louis, hawks have won their last 7. Now to basketball, what a week for the bulls in Paris being the pistons, and Zach Levine says he loved the experience. Damn it, he was great, and you know how the bulls brand and recognition, you know, through starting lineups anytime somebody scored, you know, you hear a big, the crowd roar, and it was beautiful, you know, I'm definitely coming back to Paris again maybe for one trip. It seems like a

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