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Draw. At few speaker of the United States. How Representative are proudly name in nomination. God bless God bless via nited states of America. All right. There you go. Now, that's congressman Hakim Jeffrey. She ended up winning. She got two hundred and twenty out of two hundred and thirty five votes. There's two hundred and thirty five Democrats one hundred ninety nine Republicans. There's one open seat that the Republicans thought we give them an even two hundred. It was supposed to be two hundred and thirty five Democrats to two hundred Republicans you add all that together. And of course, you get your w buddy there. Anyway, what we have is one open seat. It is the ninth district of North Carolina. That's the one where there was all that rampant fraud. Right. Oh, ballot for all the Republicans. Did it all that's right? The Republicans rigged the system, and so there's one open seat and that one could easily go to the Democrats right now. It's two thirty five to one ninety nine. That's what the Republicans have now is one nine. Nine they lost a lot of seats. You may recall in November. Okay. Now, I gotta take you back just a little bit into the memory banks here. There was a dude named John Boehner. And I know that you, and I know that we have so many clips from John Boehner broke America's broke high with John Boehner had a deputy the deputy is was this dude named Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy is now one of the seven remaining Republican congressman from California Kevin McCarthy is a blithering idiot. He cannot put a simple sentence together. All the while keeping the place of the band on America. Kevin McCarthy is the most inarticulate dummy that's ever been in politics, and he was John Boehner's deputy, and when John Boehner it's called the majority leader when John Boehner step down you remember when he quit the teabags. Drove my office. John Boehner quit Kevin McCarthy was going to be the new speaker. Not Paul Ryan. Kevin. And I was waiting for. And we had a buck because he had already created a bunch of clips because he's a blithering idiot. And he can't say a simple sand politically strategy, for example is all Kevin McCarthy year from the archives. So Kevin McCarthy stuck around. I mean there there are fifty three house members from California. It's now forty eight to seven this deal is far worse than anything. I could have imagined. That's right. That's as bad. That's John Boehner as well. So forty eight Democrats seven Republicans are an endangered species in California Kevin McCarthy is one of the remaining seven house members. And he is now the leader. He's now the leader of the he's not the speaker. Right. That's Nancy Pelosi. The Republicans are in the minority. He's now the minority leader. So we're going to get more clips from the president listening to him..

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