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Ralph's and his blues band too bad from their twenty sixteen release if it ain't broke and that is probably going to be the last record. We hear from Mick Ralphs who is celebrating his seventy fifth birthday today. But unfortunately, as I said McKenna major stroke in twenty sixteen same year that they did this album and far as I know he's still paralyzed on his left side. So I don't know that we'll see mic back playing guitar, but it was his birthday today. And I thought we should salute them. So there you go. Happy birthday, Mick Ralphs. I'm Ralph Rasmussen with one hundred and twelve of the radio bypass by cast keep things rolling along now with some new music, some current music, I up as a band called the treatments, and this is tune called. Let's get dirty. Let's get dirty nice from the treatment aband- out of Cambridge England. And that's from their new album called power crazy and another band with a new album out in twenty nineteen is rival sons. Tune called do your worst. Blonde. Your. Still tone. Taking when you're old. Steal

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