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Acosta, He's in Manhattan. We're live Count ties through your absolutely nobody. Nobody. Nobody has nobody. On top of that. It's down by nobody. You heard it in acts update Coordinator Scott So Schnick of Sporty Co. MLB is going pre approved or has pre approved qualified bidders with the New York Mets. Seven of them. Seven. Okay, We don't know the full list of seven. We do know that a rod in J. Lo are part of that list, and it's funny. I mentioned earlier. I've got my power rankings of who I would prefer to buy the Mets while Steve Collins name Eve was even mentioned there, No No, but he could still be on that list. I don't think you want You want Cohen, right? Yeah. Look, Steve Cohen is my number one guy, But here's what I'm looking for as a baseball fan, And I think we all know that we're guessing we have no idea what kind of owner any of these guys will be. We really don't know. I've no idea. I want somebody that's got billions of dollars. I want them to have the money. And I want them to have a passion. Not for building things, but for the baseball team. That's why I want a rock because I really think a ride would would really, really bend over backwards to have to have his team went I really though. Well, but J. Lo is buying the team. For what reason? Well, she's with a rod, but I have to go. But she's got her own motivations, right? I'm sure, but I don't think I don't think you know a Rod's jail is going to make decisions that a Rod's going to make the decision, you know, but it goes back to the point. I was saying that her motivation is probably Maura about things that could be donut Citi Field concerts at Citi Field and whatnot, which which I don't care about. No, but I mean, that's fine. I mean, but you know that's look she could handle that. And let a Roddy ability that's it. I have confidence in him. I know I like the IHOP. Tony and I think he would love to show up. Derek Jeter is a no. No. Here's the thing. I agree with you, but for a completely different reason into the A Rod bid because it features Micra Poli not because of a Rod and J Lo because my party it is his money. Well, it's the money and it's the fact that Rumpole is a Met fan is even Yeah, and I love the area And maybe it's delusional to think this but this is what I felt about Steve Cohen, even though Look, you could be a Met fan from New York. You get out billions of dollars and you still may not run the team. Well, I fully acknowledge that and I think we admit we have no idea what any of these guys and gals going to his owners. But I'm kind of going on the idea of give me the billionaire and give me someone who has a passion for the team and grew up is a Met fan and micro Poli. I think, along with Vinnie Viola, who's an owner of the floor of Panthers are part of the group. That features a rod in jail. Oh, so my point is, I agree with you even though we agree for completely different reasons. Wasn't a rod was a met fan so growing up, and he said He was a met fan growing up, but he's not a met fan anymore. Come on, the guy played for the Yankees. He played for the marriage. Only Rod's a fan of Joe A Rod's a fan of a rod. I get that, but I really do think one thing we know about Iraq. Okay? In all fairness, I know I like a rod. Even though you probably, you know. Wouldn't even look at me twice a cz we had when we had that interview what he thought was interviewing Kim Jones that he couldn't wait to get away. But or the time you met him in the locker room, But put all that aside. One thing about a rod. You never hear anybody say that he was a bad teammate, right have seriously and we all and we know what a baseball junkie to guys. I mean, There's no doubt about that. And I, and I really think that he would, you know, be helped bent on making the Mets a championship team. I really do believe that the key is the money behind it. And, you know, in this article And we'll talk to Scott. A few minutes they want to close the deal before the end of the year. And my mind says Wow. If they could close the deal before the end of the year, there'd be a new ownership group. Let's say taking over in January. They just bought the team. They didn't deal with everything that we've just dealt with. With this odd baseball season. They may be ready to pounce. They may be the one team that says You know what? Mookie Betts, you taking a hit? No one wants to give you money to give you money. Well, that's that's what we'll find out right away. Right? That's right. So so a Rod J. Lo Vinnie Viola Micra, Poley agree with you. I am drawn in by their bid. What a group! That is Viola Ra Poli. How about that? That's an all star to Oh, my God. Now, Dheeraj, a low would've met hat on. Then you've got Josh Harris and David blitzes. Me. I don't like these guys. What Specifically, don't you like about the fact that the devil's in the 60 more that you buy teams and remember he also got a little bit of stock in the Steelers? We found that out, right? They just purchased it like 10% or something like that, right? These sound to me like guys that are just in it to make us much money as they can. You know when you're buying all these different teams, you know you don't. I mean, I mean, that's the impression I get. I mean, I could be wrong, but I mean, that's the impression I get it. They don't excite me the way a fresh owner wood and it's all your fault because you put the thought in my head that once they create this super sports network. I'm going to see images of Joel and beat up my commercial for being on Kevin Durant exactly right. I want to see that. See that Simmons missing three. I mean, you know, so I'm lukewarm about them. Sevens missing a making of three. You will not be, you know, I mean, he never takes it. I mean, you know, then you didn't make one against the Nets. No nicks. Or was it against the Knicks? He made it. It was against the Knicks. Yeah, okay. That was why it was one of them was a nets and one of them. Yeah. Then you've got the brothers David and Simon Rubin and we're allies. Guys, These guys are real estate guys. So that's what I've read about. That really is a little bit because the world lines were really no, no, no, It doesn't concern me because of that. I'll tell you why it concerns OK? They look at the area around city field as the really reason thereby Yeah, we could build this so we could build. That would be great, by the way. What? Look, I'm not denying that building building up. That area could be amazing. There should be a football stadium there, too..

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