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He's slowly getting more comfortable playing on the perimeter. Just the spatial discipline that we're starting to see. But yeah, it's nice, but he was one heck of a tour guide of the sukiyaki. Dave Johnson, W TLP sports. The top stories we're following for you on WTO, President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden, visit Puerto Rico today to survey storm damage and meet with officials and residents. Thousands are still without power two weeks after hurricane Fiona moved through as a category one storm. The first couple visits Florida on Wednesday. Opening statements begin in federal court today in the capitol riot trial for oath keepers founders to erodes. He's been charged with seditious conspiracy for what prosecutors said was a weeks long plot to stop the transfer of power to Joe Biden. It was 20 years ago yesterday that the beltway snipers began their weeks long string of shootings that terrorized the Washington region. The snipers struck people who were doing everyday things like shopping, getting gas and mowing the lawn. Ten people were killed in all, stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. Brazil's top two presidential candidates will face each other in a runoff vote. It follows a polarized election to decide if the country returns to a leftist to return to leftists to the helm of the world's fourth largest democracy. Or keeps the far right incumbent in office for another four years, with 98% of the votes tallied, and yesterday's election, former president Louise and asio Lula da Silva had 48% support and incumbent president jair Bolsonaro had 43.6%. The result makes us second round vote between these two candidates a mathematical certainty. It's 7 18. Traffic

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