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That's Tim dot log for such James Cameron. Alright. So some of you who are long-term listeners have no doubt heard multiple guests on to discuss the Keita genyk diet to discuss alternate approaches to food and health and. And I thought that this episode. It'd be good opportunity to give some airtime to discussion of plant based diets. And it should also be underscored that there are chapters in the four hour body. Two of them with the legendary alternate athletes got jerk about plant based diets, and even if you disagree with perhaps plant based diets were any of the arguments, you might hear from Suzy and James at suggest listening for at least three reasons. Number one. There's plenty of non plant talk and we jump right into it. With discussion of how they both respond to feeling overwhelmed or distracted. The second is patients in this podcast. I do my best to in a gentle way, sometimes not gentle, but often gentle way expose people to different viewpoints different perspectives in the world, which is why I have on very often, for instance, someone who's higher. Early religious like Rabbi Jonathan sacks. And then I will have just a few episodes later someone like Sam Harris who has PHD and neuroscience and very well known for being an atheist. I might have someone who is far left, and then someone who is far right because I like to focus on some of the commonalities also thought processes, the only way you can understand your argument your position best is to also understand the opposing viewpoints aren't says number two. This is an exercise in patients, especially in these divisive times. I think it is a worthwhile exercise and third. Oh, MD one meal per day that is plant based I would recommend even if you don't plan on converting to fully plant based as a consciousness practice and an exercise, which is something I very often. Do I will I will impose certain constraints on my eating eliminate certain food product. Or I will insist that I eat based on a spectrum of color as a way to make my subconscious or off. Automatic behaviors I eating more conscious that I'm more aware of what I am doing and the decisions I am making. So those are a few of the many reasons I would suggest listening to this. And without further ado, let's just jump right into it with Suzy and James Cameron. While hill off baby. Well, Tim first of all we want to say, hi. And when we first met, you we were all flying around in the parabolic flight with you. On musk and two other crazy, folks. Yeah. Doing somersaults zero g super fun Superfund. So. To say for having us on the show were honored to be here. Yeah. Really really excited. I guess these still call a podcast show. I guess yeah. Yeah. Tim Ferriss show ok-. Well, then I guess it's called the Tim Ferriss show. Then it's got to be a show. When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused or have lost your focus temporarily. What do you do if helpful what questions? Do you ask yourself? So what do I do when I feel overwhelmed?.

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