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Issues and I'm just excellent what I do? So that's hard. It's so then the captain asked Kate. He's likes okay. We'll give give him out five minutes off. So what is it about. Kevin Avenue pushed you to sabotage his penis cake. Okay no one is reflected badly on the crew no sabotaged I is Dick cake. Okay I still do not get. What the big drama over this is your cares? It was no big deal and we just found out from Andy's own mouse that Kevin had just said what the cake even was explained. What it was everybody would have loved it and been fined with it? So why are you asking it like that. Yeah and she goes well in my experience peanut shaped islands hands have gone over very well because yeah but you always make them to get back guest. Just Oh yeah always. I did it once. Always Andy Right and and and honestly I didn't know they were even talking about charity and children. You know you were just so proud of a glorious masterpiece and it was magnificent. And he's like but you did say on the show you did it together back and say well he was pitchy and he called me Dick and so I did it. You now go ahead. I was annoyed. That's why she basically is like and by the way again. There's like three. Follow up questions pressing kate on this and she's she basically says you know whenever we're in the kitchen. He's always like the time time. Time is now a good time is now a good time now a good time now bedtime now a the time and she said that my revenge was like Fuck it Chore Graduate. Now like I'm not gonna I'm not gonNA check them. See what see what happens. You know. I mean it's like say you went. It's a bed net you went. You knew that the United to the client had gone to bed and you need the time he goes bad. Just no no. I did know the client was going to bed but I didn't know the timing who's bad so she's like copying half of it but she's like no. I like what she said on the show and we said well they just not whether it does not concern served cake has gone to bed now. You're just not going to serve desert. Yeah so anti but then you serve the cake without you. Served the cake knowing that the guest gone to bed. Why did you do that okay? Are you even here or even here. You've already asked that asked and answered objection. Yeah Then then she finds like you know what I was mad and he called me addict earlier and he wasn't respected my roller importance and then he doesn't any doesn't say well. Why did you call her a Dick? Where was it right to call her a Dick? Because she's she's picked up piece of Crockery. PYREX you doesn't ask that question. He and then do then turns to Kevin and goes so to help his were you at her Oh God so the next question is Kevin on watch what happens live. You said Jean you ever bring your daughter a black. Like K Y. Yeah you'd have to actually be there in order to knew who I was actually pissing myself because you know Riley and k eight both attributes that I like him. I shouldn't say things to moral just like look at attributes. Yeah he just knows he's a deep shit. It's like trying not to get himself in deeper. Yeah we're just like they have attributes so yeah he's like well. I had nothing better to say. I guess I just was off the cotton in this day and age. If we bring a human into world we want the best person can be at this time and I don't know what I'm saying and so he's made it sound worse like he would never bring up Cape because he wants his daughter to be the best that they can be. Yeah and it's like. Are you apologizing. Trying to help them along. And he's like yes. Yes yes yes beautiful stuff both beautiful stuff once funny. The other one's a hard work. Guess he's like okay and by the way typical. Andy this whole season of Kevin doing all sorts was a fucker and the thing that he decides the press. Kevin on a little bit is something that happens on. Andy Show you know that so Kevin to do that. Yeah and and now let's talk about both manses. And then we get that montage Ashton trying to talk about how Andy introduced the segment while the deck was responsible. For tying complicated knots the entire career was quite good at getting. Not Wow I've been even write that one down so bad one of the worst of all time so we get the everybody. Messing around town are and You know tanner and Simone bla-bla-bla scenes from the season so Andy's like Kourtney to look on your faith is you. What have you not enjoyed reliving this or are you just really craving seafood tower? Now you know really didn't like reliving that abby not at all and he's like well now actually I had to block him. I am because he kept sending me really aggressive messages and Brian. I wouldn't say aggressive like I. Yeah I guess they were pretty aggressive. You just said I. I wouldn't say aggressive in a very aggressive way. What a what an aggressive way to deny being aggressive I know by the way I do have to give Andy us just a little bit of credit because he really controlled himself from asking? If Brian sent any DICK PICS or how they're sacks was or if she ever given a handy Andy Andy did control off a little bit. Yeah you're right actually. I blame the breeze about his I. He was self conscious about that. The entire reunion by the way you know he's pissed. He was so fast that they scheduled this reunion while you had abandoned on so apparently once the chefs started airing. Brian started getting really mad and he says that on twitter she was bringing him down and she goes well. You know I've been saying what I'm saying because the issues on the show are very reflective of what's happening in the real world right now and I'm not going to cosign your behavior by thank silent with great way to put it. It was and she was like. I don't like the way you spoke to me on the boat or handled me since the boat. Yeah so the message is and she's like well that I'm a cold hearted woman and like that like he doesn't even know what he saw on the like. It gives me anxiety. Ill I mean it's like well will Were you really lagging him on the boat. So yeah I liked him. I mean obviously we had chemistry and he's cute and stuff and you'll see it so miserable on that day ages like hi. We worked fourteen hour days. I was exhausted and anti-gays we'll whip DNC like about him cares fucking carers errors in this case like ABS. It's all right here. But she likes and noticing again. The tenor of the conversation is almost. There's like a suggestion of blame towards courtney like but like why weren't you side to beyond the day like the would you like about him. Isn't this kind of your fault anyway. I'm not I'm not saying he is blaming her US asking pair questions but there still is an underlying vibe. Like it's still still pushing a little bit of a narrative that this is like this all could have been avoided if she had acted differently. Not if he had acted differently like realized that she was tired. Maybe you should have seen that. She didn't want to go on a date at five pm after working all day. Long Yeah And then we move onto this text message where he where he said. We're just friends on so Brian's I I'm so glad that came up because I didn't break up with you say on texts and I knew that she wasn't comfortable the camera so I was getting it straight before we went on camera so I didn't make awkward. I just all I said was. I didn't say we're just having fun. I asked just having fun. There was a question the question and then the girls at the same time. We're like. Yeah you said just having fun right quite Mark Accordion. And that's the exact thing that tanner's to simone the night before or wherever earlier because I had a normal reaction to it. It's sort of like how I have a very normal reaction irony which is really God's Chore Awfully If I ever have tension iron again I really will just like apply it to my face and just die at the moment. It's going to kill myself by iron. 'cause I hate it so much normal reaction Norman. Andy's like well when you heard him say on the show that way who's he asking on the this show goes he goes. Do you understand. Do understand how courtney could take it like that. This is one of those rare moments. Were Andy actually does seem to be grilling the guy a guy and like being apathetic to the woman. So he's like do you understand how she could take it like that you know. And she's like I do blame me for my reaction and when you heard Brian say he really low but did you hear. Brian's he really liked you. And she's spacey says Yeah but only did was placed the blame on me. Yeah and he's like. Oh that's that's very dramatic court. I'm dramatic one like I'm getting all these fucking angry messages review like you're the one who's he's like always so mad. You can't talk on the boat like I've the dramatic line even and anti us. Yeah you shouldn't call a woman dramatic. Trust me he's like the dramatic which is kind of like not a good luck. Yeah and he's like well. I wouldn't break up with her on tax. She knows she just got walls up. Scott walls up Eddie. It's like well glad you've been watching watching the bachelor But yeah you stolen astle and he's like Oh yeah you keep saying like it's a stupid move and I promise I didn't mean it like that. According to it's not that's now my issue. My issue is not that my issue is that it was in the middle of the work day and it distracted me and I didn't get back to you and then you were angry me for the way I reacted. That's what was that. Was My issue. Only did that gas citing thing to where it's like. Well you know. I'm sorry if I offended you about if you wanted to be serious. You know you should have just said it's like no you fucking idiot. She's not saying she wanted to be. Your girlfriend. Breaks up contacts contracts. You asshole so Riley's like Yeah Whoa what's the thing with K.. 'CAUSE cates like. Have you even seen this show. You know then she comes up to me upset and Brian but she said I wanted to break up on tex what I meant. She shouldn't have said that and she's like no. It's not what you meant. It's what you said that the problem and and he's like your tone wasn't really clear all right. Here's how to be clearer about it without your debt..

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Andy Andy, Brian, Kevin discussed on Watch What Crappens

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