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News. CBS news this Tuesday. Multiple people are dead. Many more wounded after a terror attack near a Christmas market in France a showdown in the Oval Office over border security. Major Garrett was there and the search for three missing in a West Virginia. Mine all that and much more beginning with the headlines in sixty seven. The deadly shooting in France least, two people are dead and several others injured after a gunman went on a rampage French prosecutors have opened a terror investigation. Shop. To put that in my say, I'll take I am proud to shut down the government for border security awhile turned into a free-for-all and the Oval Office. In the hat. I do elections have consequences. And that's why the country's doing. So. Well, there are a lot of things. I'd never seen before President Trump took office. This is another one goal. CEO? Sundar Pichai was in hot seat on Capitol Hill, Google track my movement, not by default. United Express crew is facing questions over their response. After a passenger reportedly seized for two hours during a flight. They should have landed the plane the beginning check, your freezer twenty nine thousand pounds of Jimmy dean sausage has been recalled it may be contaminated with pieces of metal. First lady, Melania, Trump is helping out the toys for tots campaign children, the most precious gift of all to all those who Pete into how we thank you. Good evening. I'm Jeff Lord. And.

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