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That has not been the case if it was expedia you'd be going on in there be one airline what has happened there or is that insurance companies have not found these to be especially prophet of all and desirable markets i think one thing that's important to keep in mind is that most health ensures their biggest book of business as employersponsored coverage that big plans that most of us in the united states are covered with so the individual market is already kind of small part of their are business and it was really an unknown they didn't know how much people would cost in the marketplace how many people would sign up so we've seen the people who sign up they are fewer of them than was initially projected they are sick are which means that premiums have to go higher so a number of health insurance companies have lost money on the marketplace says in 2014 2015 2016 and even before the election yuseub big health insurance plans like unite at an al najat saying they didn't want us on this marketplace better to cut their losses get out and just focus on the thing they know noted do best which is sal health insurance to big companies so this is clear earlier problem for people trying to use these health marketplace are there any steps that republicans have taken either in the congress or the white house that have have made this problem worse yes one of the things that republicans did in 2015 is they limited funding for a key progr graham those meant to stabilize the affordable care act this is something that senator marco rubio led the charge on basically there is a health insurance program those meant to limit the law says that a company would have in the marketplace says the idea was you know these marketplaces or new insurance companies don't really know who's gonna sign up how does that prices so for the first two years we're gonna you know like ball with bumpers on we're going.

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