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The defense, the only lively It'll show of its kind in Columbus. The coffee will offer one of Ohio's leading criminal defense firms, your host on for the defense, Columbus attorney Brad Couple It's 11:06 A.m. trying to get the basement doctor studio came to work on Facebook Live. We are. We're going to get that up and running here in just a little bit. We'll let you know when that happens. This rented East German equipment. It's Marty General. Good morning to you, sir. You know, I voted for Obama, No. Eight. Obama and 12 Clinton and 16. And I've had a significant conversion over the last 3.5 years. I've watched his democratic platform and I wasn't a Democrat. You know, I was registered Republicans, but I didn't like what I saw the Republican Party. I was enthused to some extent by young Barack Obama and I wasn't a big fan of Donald Trump in 2016, and I just thought it was a befo NW, and I voted against him. By voting for Clinton. What's come out since those three plus years. Has led me through this show to study actually studied B a citizen. And study. What's happening to think to think to get through the noise? What we now call mainstream media. And actually get me to go to a trump rally. Goodness last night. Yesterday went into the evening yesterday I went down to Circleville three of us for guests of John Abbott, who put together the rally for the Trump campaign. Thank you, John. And we I get I get I got to get up. 23 South bound with the hillbilly highway, right, 23. That's America. And that's America for a hell of a lot of Americans. But let me tell you what I saw. And this is to this tall. The listeners want to talk to all the listeners that are tired of being looked down upon because I went into That rally. And The protesters disgusted me. We're going to connect the dots. A lot of those shows the past shows. We're gonna connect the dots here on this one. Well, like I don't know what I saw. The Democrats would say, why are you taking the risk going to a super spreader event like that? They don't get it. 17 76. Those same types of people refused to be dictated to and took risks. Alexander Hamilton. Great Broadway show. By the way, you haven't seen it have not fantastic. Raise the hair on your arms. Alexander Hamilton and 17 76 was 21 years old. James Madison and 17 76 was 25 years old. Thomas Jefferson was 33. You know who I saw down there? I saw a lot of founding father types. The people that the the loyalists to the government, we're looking down their nose. I'm not going to say these. I guess these are the deplorables and perhaps that's what the loyal is called. Our Founding fathers auras Joe Biden would call us chumps chumps. And then the Democrats. I had to go on last night, I had to watch the Trump Circle rally and see how NBC News was going to cover it. And some other Main Street media's Trump's version of reality is basically what some of these Democratic talking heads I've a feeling the loyalists 17 75 sound a lot like Democrats making fun of the hardworking columnist. That's who I saw yesterday were colonists. 10 days before the election months away from finding out who wins and probably One year away from the start of the second civil war. I'm going down 23 south with a couple of my very dear friends. And I'm in the middle of 1/4 of July Parade. But it's instead of the parade moving by you. I'm moving through the parade. Everyone else the so this. This is better than a ticker tape parade when the boys came home from World War two And if you look at the spectrum of parades and American Pride Americana. The heartbeat of America. You got the ticker tape parades afterward. Word too. You have a SEC tailgates. Then you have a trump rally..

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