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We had to abandon that and they were going to go back to a later, but there was another part of the protocol and that was to have a weather balloon and they'd ordered the exact same weather balloon that we used for our test. Now there's a town to towns over. That's like, we saw your photo. I bet there was a UFO siding this night. Yeah, they attached it at the end of a long rope, and they had a military grade flashlight that Nathan put at the end of the rope that was sealed in at the end of the balloon so that it was shining into the balloon illuminating it essentially. And so then that whole structure was at the end of the rope and he'd gotten helium tanks, which are very expensive. We've learned will running the test and along the rope, he had tied every ten feet, a different colored glow stick. Wow. Which we didn't expect would be visible from the other side, but still great idea to visually Mark it off. And sorry, who did all this Maytham Nathan bearded Nathan who was running this. So we at least had that still there and also you could shine. They kept mentioning the sun gun. They had. We've got this immensely, bright light, the sun gun opting. Why don't we just use the sun gun? Why. You know, why shouldn't we be able to see that from the other side as well. But then when they finally brought out the sun good. I mean it was a bright flashlight, but it was about the same brightness, Andrews LED thing. So it wasn't buying too much, but we could also shine that at the balloon to make that more visible. So just with that one small adjustment, we drove back to the other side and half hour drive, so three AM. Yeah, and we won't have this thirty five foot tall structure to be looking at setup the time lapse for any of that. But at least we'll be able to look for this balloon and repeat the laser experiment and all the time. It's been looking nice and clear, really beautiful night and so, okay. Well, let's let's go see what happens is the second time. They were also talking about running additional tests. They were going to set up different stations at the north and south of the lake. So you'd have thirty three miles distance and a lot more hidden target length than the other side and they were going to send up flares at regular. Intervals around. They had all these other protocol ideas. We didn't end up doing those, but we went to the other side this time. It was Sydney, Caroline, Nathan myself, Spencer Jim because we wanted to leave from that side. This time we weren't gonna do the whole drive back. So most of us were now on this other side, but Wendell had stayed back on the opposite shore. I think Alex had as well. Are you all driving over in separate cars or like was sitting in your car said he was not in the car? Okay, too bad indeed. So we get to the other side and we start repeating the laser thing except this time we can't do that..

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