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Jetty lee at some portion let's when we go into the robert jerram bachelor party story we'll set the scene with some getty lee rush music and tell me it doesn't sound like a weed wacker i just made that discovery right here during this segment is exactly what it sounds like okay so the rockets in the sand base goodness people i can understand that you want the warriors two crashed and burned i want him to also but don't beyond realistic about it okay of is for you tie rushed into this you want did he lied to be recognized is the greatest singer of all time just peeve reasonable about other singers being better police that's all i ask if you look at the rockets i have been bombarded with the steady stream of tweets over the weekend today it just doesn't stop rockets are done yet darrell maury is going to make more deals to overtake golden state they're all lien to get to the finals now i thought of the movie braveheart your watch this movie great movie i think that the nba right now with the warriors in all the moves that they've made they've resigned everybody aside from kd and that's coming here very shortly katie isn't going anywhere they've resigned steph curry they've resigned he good dollar shaun livingston i'm david west all these guys the main pieces are resigned they're not going anywhere so all of this macho talk of we're gonna add says skies were gonna do dish should wear nights scared of the warriors of blab if you can upgrade your wasser without jeopardize in the future fine go ahead and do that if you're a team chasing the warriors if you can add gordon hayward your roster is a free agent in you can make it work financially great by all means do that not sitting here saying wave the white flag don't even bother i'm saying don't mortgage.

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