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With Steve. Ringo. Thank you so much for joining our show today. We're glad that you're with us, and hopefully this weather will kind of calm down here soon. We definitely have rain. Coming our way in the beginning of the week to will be We went as well. I wonder where we are for right numbers right now. Are we up? I guess heard at the beginning middle of the week. I think we're down just a little bit. From an average standpoint, so it'll be pretty interest. It'll be interesting. Oh, my gosh. Well, all I can tell you is landscape prices are way up here. Just mentioning lumber a few minutes ago. I just can't believe this year how expensive everything is. Just crazy. Yeah, It's definitely scary. And I think it zob Vesely scary for people that are getting close to retirement or already in retirement. Um, I mean, you take a look at when they were actually needing to borrow money in the eighties, interest rates were super high. Now that they're retired. Interest rates are at an all time low, So it's like you can't catch a break, You know, but fortune, but back in the day also interest rates on Houses were way up there to exactly remember that when they were loaning, right, they had to take out a loan there to pay enough 10 12 14 16% sure CDs were paying 14 15%, but at that point in time, people were Having a You know, buy mortgages? Yeah, it was so funny. Is that my grandfather? When Jimmy Carter was running for president, I'll never forget. I was up there in Tennessee and Out in the middle of nowhere, and we were sitting in his front room and it was really cute room and he goes Just remember this those pearly white teeth. He's gonna win because that peanut farmer and I'll just like as long as I live just the way he said it and he was he smoked a pipe and he just stood in the middle of the room. Very regal. And my dad, his stature. He he must probably like 5758. I was taller than my father, but his father Was 66. So hear this tall gentleman 66 with a pipe and just commenting about Jimmy Carter's teeth and he goes, he gets well. You know, Kathy, just remember. Just remember, this is the time in history that he was so cute as we have a peanut farmer, But you know what? I think we're going to see good things, But I guess you know, like I was like, Wow, Interesting. That goes back a long ways. Certainly does. That's when interest rates were crazy ever since, But my dad made a lot of money in real estate back then, even though interest rates were, you know, just crazy and had a lot of properties down in South Florida, and he did pretty well on that end. You know it also, you know rents were running a property way back then was pretty expensive. Cause nobody could qualify for a mortgage back then was pretty interesting. I can tell you. I think the real estate market is going to come here to a complete halt about the summertime. Just if you take a look at the four parents programs unless the current administration extends that I know there's a lot of people that are in default, and the banks are really looking forward to foreclosing on those properties because they want to get it off their books Right now. It's just a dead asset in there upside down. Yes, definitely going to be an experience for some people. I mean for our clients. Obviously, they're busy booking vacations. They're just excited pick up where they left off in 2019. Completely skipped through 2020 and just hopefully get to the point where people are just forget 2020. It's done. It's over. Good. Perfect. No, but I agree with you. I mean, you know all of our clients that have been coming in. They've been taking withdrawals, and I think you know Requesting money, and I think a lot of people have now are very excited about going to the ball parks. I mean, we saw the CDC this past week say that you know if you're going to be indoors and you're vaccinated, and if you're outdoors, you know, they don't think you need to wear a mask anymore. I think that's going to really open things up now for America. It's about time. Well, I think we've been seeing that in the Dallas Fort Worth area anyway. You know a lot of people. Everybody's the numbers for people that are backstage in this area are a lot higher than other parts of the country. So I think it's a really good thing and that people want to get out in about They want to have fun. It's about time. Yeah, it's time for them to spend that play check. I'd love it. Hey, Luke, Bryan, your guy he's excited about going back on tour in July. I was just saying that so all of the time to get back in the saddle for a lot of these musicians and entertainers, for sure. My gosh, I mean, talk about they haven't had any income coming in either. It's going to be interesting to see what happens this summer, though I know here are in Dallas. Ah, lot of the companies that have their people working from home. They're still allowing that to occur, and they're finding that they really probably don't need as much square footage is They once thought that they did, so I think we're going to see residential and commercial real estate. Take another hit, even though it's hard to believe with 20 offers going in on a house right now, But I always say what whenever you have an all time high. We know what follows. That is an all time low, So I just feel like here we go again soon. Yeah, We've seen a handful of clients and also listeners from the show that are consolidating their real estate investments or reducing lutely the amount of money that they haven't real estate because They're not wanting to have any downside exposure. They want to mitigate that risk. The markets run up great. It's time to sell a portion dependent on their age and what their goals and objectives are and for a lot of them to be about. Oh, Place money into a strategy that gives you a guaranteed lifetime income stream. It makes him feel pretty good at the end of the day, knowing that that paycheck will always be there because previously when they had the rental income coming in whether it was commercial.

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