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Jim Jones, Congressman Leo Ryan, Congressman discussed on Mark Levin


So that's some of the final moments of the Jonestown cult and of the so-called death tape. And I you know, there's parts of this table you hear babies crying in the background. And you know, soon like they're going to be dead. But I think it must give a sense of how devoted these people were to him that that they're about to kill themselves because he said they should in their thanking him. Thank you, dad. One of the things that's hardest for us to understand. Now. Looking back almost forty years is how almost nine hundred people actually a few over nine hundred could have followed would appear to be ridiculous orders from an obvious demagogue to kill themselves, but it's much more complicated than that. First of all not everybody in Jonestown that day did agree to die to drink the poison. We have to begin with out of over nine hundred human beings, three hundred children, many of them infants they have no choice. Their parents are making the choice for them. Then we have another third who are elderly people who aren't in the best of health who if they don't follow. Jim. Jones's orders are going to be left out in the deepest densest most dangerous jungle in the world. Their choices essentially are die quickly or die long lingering deaths. In the middle. You have the adults the younger people. And even among them. There's no unanimity. Some do believe that Jim Jones is God or something close to God in the worship him. And if he says do this they're going to others don't believe Jones is God. But they believe in their cause. And they have bought into his preaching that the rest of the world is coming in to get them. He's announced just before bringing out. The flavor aid laced with cyanide. That a congressman has been murdered. And that means that the attack from the outside the Americans probably the guy in east government will come any minute. They're going to slaughter us and take away our children. Isn't it better that we do this ourselves? We have this one last act of defiance in the congressman you referred to as congressman Leo Ryan who had come to investigate. What was actually going on in Johnstown? And after seeing what was going on on the airstrip about to return. He was shot by one of the men that Jim Jones had sent one of the armed men. He'd sent to the airstrips were they just following Jones's orders. Oh, very much. So Jones had determined the night before that he couldn't let Ryan and a few people from the temple had wanted to defect get away. His thought was if you let a few people go. Then more and more are gonna wanna go. If you let this congressman leave more congressman will come. So with this last instant when he's announcing the congressman has died, and he's been preaching to his followers for years that here we are in the jungle in at some point our enemies are going to converge on us. They feel this is the time. And even then you still have a considerable number of people his followers who refuse to drink the potion. But as you write in the book, it wasn't really a choice for the people remaining Jonestown weather the drink. This toxic punch or not because they're gunman standing on around them who we're going to kill them. So that was the choice Jones gave them right like drink it voluntarily or you'll be shot to death. Essentially Jones, lift his followers, no choice. Even those who protested if they didn't voluntarily drink the punch, there'd be held down and injected. He was the general. He had made the decision that his soldiers would die to make a statement. And he was not going to give them the option of saying. No, my guest is Jeff Guinn author of the new book the road to Jonestown Jim Jones and peoples temple. We'll talk more after a break. This is fresh air. This.

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Jim Jones, Congressman Leo Ryan, Congressman discussed on Mark Levin

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