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That. You don't bring your Chidi reps with you. I think they're staying home. Good. All the rest of the cheese. Good. Yeah, we've been in a pretty big heat wave the temps will continue to drop from today through the week. But Thursday, we should see much cooler. Today's going to another hot. It's going to be hot cooler at the beaches, though, but continuing to drop through the week so hot hot. Yes. AP data analysis found when states legalized pot for adults existing medical marijuana programs. Take a big hit. Oh, I, I wouldn't mind. Hazarding a guess a lot of people get licenses for medical pot for their headaches. And they're back pain, and they're sleeplessness. And they're. Sudden, once it's legal, they only need to go get it the dispensary without. Bothered with that. And I wouldn't absolutely not. And wanted to travel with is that something number the number of medical card holders dropped two-thirds. Of course it did cause right guys. There would work in the system that you'd set up they had to do with that to do right now. They don't have to do it anymore. They're not going to bother with you. Even if they do have no matter what they've valid medical reason for using it, which, of course, most of them, did they don't need to anymore. They can just go get it. Alaska's registry. Decreased by sixty three percent Nevada forty and Colorado twenty. But the decline come from consumers who ill or not got medical cards because it was the only way to buy pot legally. And now they don't need them anymore, right? It's been that coming watching this murder mountain, and I'm only a few episodes in and I wouldn't recommend it it's, it's good. But it's it's kind of documentary. But it's interesting watching this transition. From illegal illegal, and how some people who'd been on the black market, making tons of money on pot. Are now trying to transition and they can't figure out how to write this one dudes. Like I my whole batch is still sitting on the shelf and some store. It hasn't sold. He needs to reduce the price. Yeah. It's you know, this is that's legit. And the thing is. People out of that business of having to smuggle it takes danger away. And then these are people who are going to have to find something else to do. You know, I'm for the criminal I'm for the decriminalization of all drugs, and then you take the, the dark side out from under it. And suddenly these people don't have that's not making the money anymore. While there's no doubt reign of terror comes to an end the story of murder, that's going on in Humboldt is part of this. Well, it's called murder mountain, then it's a trip like, wow, all these hippy farmer types, there's things got rough and many of them, went out of here. They just wanted to live communally with no shoes. No shirts. How cantaloupe that I grew myself and also smokes dooby. That's all I wanna do. Look at me spoon and cantaloupe and take him Bong rips. This is the life. Yeah. Over there with a machine gun. This doesn't seem like my ideal paradise anymore. No. It's safe to drink up to twenty five cups of coffee a day less. What that's too many research it is too many couple cuffs you, what's weird kids are growing up. Kids already have all the energy, right? They wake up and they're ready to go, and they have red bulls. Now, I know terrible so with all that energy, and maybe by the time, they're grownups are going to need that much coffee. They will. Researchers found that this is that in London. They found it safer, your heart to drink an obscene amount of coffee on a daily basis. Like as much as twenty five cups other other problems, though, every other story, I hear about coffee. It's great. You can drink as much as you want. It's not great. You should limit yourself to one Cup of day or none. It seems like every other story. Well, here they're saying we're not telling you to drink twenty-five cups. We're saying it can be enjoyed as a part, part of a healthy lifestyle, unless you wanna actually sleep at night. I found that peop-. Well, that's it. You gotta cut yourself off. I cut myself off. Noon is the absolute latest. I will have any caffeine. Yeah. But you didn't use to come in here and go, I can't figure out why not sleeping could be that iced coffee. I'm having with dinner five o'clock there. I know. You didn't even say that. What you said was what I do is there's a whole leftover pot of coffee that I haven't touched. And then I start drinking that when I get home, right? Well, I just figured I was immune to copy affects after all these years. Posturings up. No, big dummy. Norway for years. I was doing that. Nice coffees all day. A forty seven year old guy in Israel got arrested after robbing at least two banks well armed with an avocado. Dangerous dangerous. Was it salted? It was black and he claimed it was a grenade. Our twice. Oh, look like a grenade. Someone frightened.

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