Paul Ryan, President Trump, John Kelly discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


Pass another shortterm spending bill to avoid a government shutdown abc's lana zak is on capitol hill with the latest with no consensus agreement yet on daca and immigration speaker of the house paul ryan argues that democrats are on the hook i will remind you that the only reason we do not have a full budget agreement is because democrats could i need to hold funding for government hostage on an unrelated issue ryan called on the number twos in congress to make a deal on daca today but if that doesn't happen white house chief of staff john kelly cautioned that president trump is unlikely to extend the march fifth daca deadline lana zak abc news capitol hill shine twelve twenty time for your propel insurance money update hope you took some dram mean before watching wall street remember this morning was down several hundred points not anymore it's up several hundred points up three forty four the dow jones industrial average s p 500 is a head by 28 and nasdaq is up a hundred points right now and now your money upi continues with bruce fail treasury secretary steven mnuchin today tried to maintain a calm demeanor about the sharp selloff in stock markets although he admitted he was keeping his phone sight given the market volatility mnuchin told the house financial services committee the decline in stocks was a normal market correction although large he said the administration was monitoring the internal functioning of the stock markets but said his conversations with professionals had not uncovered any concerns prices at the gas pump scheme moving higher the government said its national average price for regular unleaded rose three cents last week to to 64 gallon that's your money now you next money.

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