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About 30,000 at that's of concern. We had a downtick in personal income. On Wall Street. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones industrial average closed down 173 points today. The NASDAQ closed up 57 points. You're listening to NPR news. But it's 604. This is KCRW news. I'm Matt Gillam. As many California cities and counties tighten their pandemic shutdowns with closures and curfews, elected officials confront the charged issue of how to balance public health and the needs of the economy. You saw that play out in Los Angeles this week when a divided board of supervisors voted to go ahead with a temporary ban on on site dining. One elected official who says he will always air on the side of public health is Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. These closures are so hard. They're hard workers. They're hard on the restaurant owners and you have you have you feel awful about them? But at the end of the day, we have to continue. Reporting the doctors and the medical officials that are actually making these decisions. Long Beach has its own health department, and it could have ignored the county's order to hold outdoor dining, R and indoor dining as well. Pasadena has done that. But Garcia says that public health has to be the top priority. I need to make sure that there are enough hospital beds available. So that if a family member or anyone that we know in our community is needs a bed that they have a bad sort of the conceive your life. CIA knows firsthand the devastation wrought by covert 19. Both his mother and stepfather died of the illness. Like a lot of us. You probably do have covert fatigue fed up with having to stay inside, trying to do the right thing and perhaps even giving up your holidays with family and friends, But people in hospitals and ers are pleading with people to keep it up. Dr Mark Morocco is a position in L. A and professor of emergency medicine. You know, we are literally fatigued to the point of breaking, trying to get ahead of this code experience and defined that some of our patients are so complicated and so contrary that they are doing things that are Hard for us to put our heads around. And so we get frustrated with a little angry, you told Kcrw's greater L. A. He completely understands the urge to gather for Thanksgiving and to keep up family traditions. He himself wishes he could go visit his elderly parents in Pittsburgh. Warning to the public health department. There are currently more than 1600 people hospitalized in L. A county with coronavirus. Support for NPR comes from American Jewish World Service supporting human rights advocates worldwide as they respond to covert 19 and defend democracies Learn more at a J. W s dot org It's 606 here on member supported KCRW. Stay.

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