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A chance to weigh in at the polls according to the globe the Cambridge city council giving the thumbs up now to a measure that would lower the voting age to sixteen a bit of push back one counselor mark making the argument the teenagers just don't have enough life experience to make a solid vote but supporters say young people these days are more involved in than ever in politics in civil matters and they too deserve a voice now that the council approved at this home will petition has to go to Beacon Hill lawmakers have to give it the okay as well Cambridge has tried a few times actually in the past to lower the voting age state lawmakers denying this tried back in two thousand two and two thousand six well just hours from now in Washington the Senate will vote on the articles of impeachment against president trump the Republican majority is expected to reject them acquitting Mr trump on both the charges against him CBS is Nancy court is says even though that so a handful could still crossed party lines we're going to have our eye on for members of the Senate one Republican Mitt Romney of Utah who has not announced his position and three Democrats Joe Manchin Doug Jones and cures the cinema who could vote to acquit and if they do president trump will likely to help that as a bipartisan measure of support as he hits the campaign trail this year and Doug Jones just relieved releasing a statement moments ago saying now he will vote to convict later on today that bill coming in about four o'clock all this of course playing out after the state of the union last night we'll have more on that coming up in about two minutes right now though it's eleven oh three so it's time for traffic and weather together the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three it's getting better all the time out there no troubles up to the north on one twenty eight you're looking pretty good Wakefield down the wall for everyone tonight's writers Saugus in revere up on ninety three south bound get reports of a minor crash near one twenty five in Wilmington not seeing any delays getting by that in fact you had a clean shot all the way down to the lower deck and say come bridge once you get over this take a bridge inside the oatmeal total watch out for crash sure taking out the right lane after purchase street a lever down ram seizing out quickly hung up a bit around the garden curvy get OnStar a west bound to get some right lane cruise after the hatch shell slowing it down a bit here on star a west soldiers field road you spell watch out for those right lane cruise just before the be you bridge expressway north bound that's a great right now from Braintree all the way up to the o'neill tunnel south bound not to bad coming down for Savin hill on your way down to that Braintree split routes three twenty four ninety five all looking good as is the mass pike here from four ninety five all the way into the hole where the Logan airport Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the three is about to get a little bit messy out there when it comes to the.

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