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News Radio Labor Day special I'm Mike Bauer actor reality indeed many of. Us had just had primaries in our states and are looking ahead. On the calendar too early November for the midterm elections where lawmakers will oversee how we do our jobs and institute policies, that will affect our financial, goals NBC News Radio national correspondent bills Infor fills us in thanks Mike traditionally campaigns kick into, high, gear after Labor Day and this. Year midterm elections are looming perhaps larger than ever with every seat in the house and thirty five Senate seats up for grabs. To get more insight into these midterms we. Talked to Dr Chris Bora director of the institute of public. Opinion at muhlenberg college historically Chris what might we expect from these midterms midterm elections have traditionally been punitive to the, president's party. In other words after a. New president comes in Americans tend to revert To some controls on the presidency and other words Republican like President Trump is successful, they tend to move. To the Democratic Party in. The, midterm elections only twice only twice since World War Two in a midterm election as the president's party picked up seats so on the, whole and on an average election the president's party loses seats in both the house and the Senate. And sometimes, they, lose a lot. Of seats depending on where. The president's, standing is at the time of the mid-term. We're pretty tight, right now I mean, the Republicans have a little bit of a majority in the in the house of representatives but in the Senate it's very tight chance that. They could go I think there's a legitimate chance that Democrats could take both the house. And, the, Senate I think there's a very strong? Chance Republicans can maintain control of both the house and. The Senate which, makes this interesting midterm election cycle, even more interesting because It could literally come down to a few seats for both the house and. The Senate to determine who's going to control those two branches of government will this midterm, be a referendum on the. President when you break it down to it I believe it will be I think the president is such a polarizing figure I think he's not going to be on the. Ballot in the fall of two thousand eighteen but, a lot of his supporters are going to be on the ballot, and the president's reach in terms of this being a referendum will be very long and very strong and therefore I. Think in in many ways. The midterm, elections of two thousand eighteen are an absolute referendum on President Trump seems like maybe more. Democrats and Republicans now, but it seems like post parties are suffering. From a bit of an identity crisis right now are they struggling to find what they. Really are yeah I think so I think you see those divisions very clear within the party ranks, that Republicans are struggling with some of their long term is Ideological, perspectives that are being pushed by President Trump's policies and approaches to governing and you see those divisions within congress you see some of it within the broader Republican electorate in. The same with the Democrats trying to identify, are.

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