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Our platform at dave chanted dot com and with operation freedom about couple of years ago he first came on the show was a guest his name is nick ruis and he provided information that was absolutely not only spot on not only stellar but actually far far ahead of the curve he's one of the individuals with his predicted programming model that predicted long before most folks even thought trump had a chance at winning a primary he predicted that trump was going to not only win the republican nomination but was going to win the general election that is just one of his very many prescient charles that he has made whether it's briggs it or many of the other geopolitical events that occur in the world he always seems to be ahead of the curve nick as i mentioned in our introduction also now is a part of the dave jandak com operation freedom platform he hosts and outstanding show called the dha and department of advanced research show and i'll tell you this is the fact that two shows that he already has up on the platform under his under his banner department of advanced research have not only gained huge positive reaction but i believe they're the best most comprehensive presentations on cryptocurrencies and the precious metals that i've come in contact with anywhere anywhere on the internet let me give it a little background a nick beginning at a very early age and he runs evolution systems technology nick ruis found himself enthralled by technology not exactly what most would describe as an academic by his own admission he is more of a if you will folks at give me the tools and parts and i'll figure it out kinda guy and i i can attest to that of what he's done to provide the best technological support of a website on the internet that being dave ended account through his company evolution consulting nick does not have conventional training and technology instead opted to attend school for business management keeping a selftaught approached all things technological nick has been fortunate to consistently find ways to combine is passion for business with his deep interest.

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