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It's 25 till this is America in the morning on what's happening in the national weather scene. Here's AccuWeather dot com, meteorologist Matt Benz. We are tracking a slow moving cold front that will continue to march eastward for today across eastern half of the country. Ahead of this front feeling more like June, but behind this front still looking like February as a temperatures continue to, well, run the roller coaster that we call spring this time of the year. Temperature is surging well into the 70s and 80s all the way up into southern New England for today. In fact, near record high temperatures and places like New York City, the record for this data 79° set back in 1947, but along with that, there will be the threat for strong thunderstorms into this afternoon, especially along the I 95 corridor from New York City on south through Washington, D.C., southward toward Charlotte, and then across much of the southeastern and south central U.S. for today along this frontal boundary, wind and hail will be the primary concerns, especially as we head into this afternoon. Now, much of the mid Atlantic and northeast will begin to clear out heading into tonight though this boundary expected to stall out across the southeastern and south central U.S., especially along the I ten corridor from Texas on east. They'll bring rounds of downpours now over the next couple of days, so the threat for flooding may increase, especially as we head through the day tomorrow as well as into Friday and into the early parts of this weekend. Across the country, Chile across north central U.S. still some lingering snow showers across northern Minnesota through the Africa Peninsula of Michigan looking at our next specific store moving into the Pacific Northwest for today. This will spread rain as far south as a Bay Area heading into tonight and tomorrow, though it does look like an active weather pattern mainly for the Pacific Northwest do this weekend. And again, for the early parts of next week. That's the nation's weather, I'm AccuWeather dot com, but you're just map fans. 23 till, this is America in the morning. I'm John trout. President Biden heads to Ireland next week to mark the good Friday accords anniversary. Washington correspondent Sagar Meghani reports. Hard to believe. 25 years ago

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