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See that just like we're going to read this one right here. This could be your letter. You never know you never know buckle up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is robbery letter. All right. Thank you subject. She's one in a million there. Stephen shirley i'm married to a man that foils me and says he loves me unconditionally. We have been married for only three years. But we've been together for seven years. I've never suspected him of cheating until recently we like to have lunch and dinner on the patio at our favorite restaurants so we can people watch. He is not the type to get mad. If i comment on a man that passes by. He is secure in his manhood and he works out three days a week so he got a six pack together and i love his big pretty legs. I won't go on and on about a man though it's usually something mild like he works out or i like sneakers. My doesn't play fair. If he sees something he liked. He comments about that specific part of woman. He has commented them but that are too big but that are too small. Big breath nice miles and pretty toes on. Then he'll say but she's not you because of this. I'm starting not to wanna play this game with him anymore. And i told him he said it's harmless fun well last week. He mentioned that his company is undergoing new management and a consultant will be in his office for a week to train his team. He said she's gorgeous and built with everything in the right place and our long black curly hair was up in a ball on her head. It was the most detailed he'd ever been and then he followed it with but she's not you..

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