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And they had said they had received a phone call on a woman was calling in distress and very hysterical and then it was hung up. And so it traced our house so they came and woke us all up. It was me and my mom and dad. And so they took my dad out to the garage in the room to try to get him out of the house, like, well, let's go look out here. We'll see if someone's out here because there was an extension phone out there. And then while they took my father outside, they were in with my mom, and now you can talk to us, you know, be afraid of him. And my mom's like, what the hell are you talking about? You know? Nobody called you. So things like this happen to us. You know, all my life. When I was a little kid, I ended up being missing for like an entire day. My sister took had taken me to Detroit with her. I think it was Detroit in Michigan. Somewhere up in Michigan, I was very young, but I remember the house that we were in. We were visiting they were neighbors of ours in Indianapolis. And I had played with their grand daughter who would come visit and my sister was friends with their older daughter who moved up there. So when Cathy went up to visit this older daughter, she took me so I could visit Eileen, who was my play friend. And I wandered away. And I was going all day long. And I remember seeing walking into a house that I thought was the right house. Everything was upside down and all crazy in the house. And I panicked. And as I started to walk out of the front door, there was this little boy there who had big black eyes, and he wanted me to play with him. And he was calming me down. So I stayed and played for a minute in this room, everything was white and something came out from under the under me in the floor and prepped my leg. And I was upset and I remember turning around trying to run out and leave and there was this woman in there in the doorway who was angry that I was there. And I remember hearing her say, what is she doing here? She does not belong here. And then it was literally like someone kicked me out the door, literally pushed me. But no one touched me. And as I got my footing and looked up, there was my sister standing at the edge of the walkway at the sidewalk. And I ran up to her and she took my hand and she never spoke to me, walked me back to The White House, and we went home. And I never thought about it again until all this started to come up. Back after the June 30, 1983 incident, that was almost like a floodgate that memories of all these old things that happened. I had a dream in 78 when I was first married where these two black eyed beings came into my room and my husband was sleeping next to me in the bed, but he wouldn't wake up. And they had a black box in their hand. And I asked what it was, at first I remember when I saw them I thought, oh my God, don't come any closer to me. Please don't touch me and I'll be all right. That kind of panic. But then that went away, and I remember thinking, what is this thing you have? And it was this box. It was a small black shoebox size like thing. And I had a red light on it. And this person or whatever it was, said to.

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