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To Maryland, between Damascus him out, Harry The closure of route 27 south of Route 80. A crash took down wires and Dave Tilden wt o p. Traffic for the forecast years. Lauren rickets a few showers later on today, but not until after about seven or eight o'clock tonight. Otherwise, just cloudy. We still have some fog in some areas believed or not. Temperatures in the forties. Today some areas northwest D. C in the thirties. Tomorrow's gonna be blustery. We are talking about plenty of sun temperatures in the forties, but wind shells in the thirties lighter winds on Wednesday. Temperatures will be in the forties on Wednesday with plenty of sun Where the mid to upper fifties on Christmas Eve But we are expecting rain all throughout the day. Heavy at times could end is a few light snow showers prior to 7 A.m. on Christmas Morning I'm storm team for meteorologists. Lauren Records Alexandria, 46. DuPont Circle 46 German town with 44 degrees. It's 2 51. If you'd like an opportunity to be inspired by our place in the universe Look up tonight, Clear Skies willing, our solar system's two largest planets will put on the show that has not been seen in century every 20 years. Jupiter Lapse Saturn and both planets line up with Earth. It is true that these two planets did come close, actually 20 years ago, but you couldn't see him up in the sky. They were too close to the sun. The big difference here is that you can actually see him after dark, and that's what's unusual about it. Last visible conjunction this close was in 12 26 nearly 800 years ago. Tonight's falls on the winter solstice like a star of Bethlehem for Christmas Week, 2020. That CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann He says. You can see all of this. Shortly after sunset just.

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