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And predicting yields throughout the year for crops like corn soybean and wheat according to University of Illinois, Extension Economist, Gary, Schnittke Mass, who's the first and they're charged with up with. Information relative to production in the United? States, and they do calculate the yields and have done. So for a very long time, but he says, those calculations are slightly different than say an RMA which also releases numbers throughout the Year of course, FSA uses the RMA yields as a base but adjust legislative intent when developing different payment models. Cooler and wetter. That is the prediction for winter the latest one at least from the National OC Oceanic and atmospheric administration at least four north. They're expecting a dry warm winter down in the South forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's climate prediction center are also closely monitoring persistent drought through the winter months ahead currently large areas of the drought extend over the western half of the US parts of the northeast also experiencing drought and near record low stream flows. What have been average conditions are most likely across the northern tier of the US extending from the Pacific northwest across the northern plains, the Great Lakes and into the Ohio Valley. Clean Water and I start here today here's in. Linn County Kirkwood. Community College with our friends at the National Quarter Always Association, the Soil Health Partnership. The practical farmers of Iowa talking about the benefits of cover crops and the results measuring the results impacting water quality here at Kirkwood over six seventeen, hundred acres here in the state we've seen all sorts of different things but year over year were really wanting to look at how that's changing. What we can learn and how we can do a better which lisa cubic with the National Corn Growers Association. So health partnerships says his one of the benefits partnering with the Community College here Kirkwood. We'll talk more about this. Of course in you could see a little bit of live video coming up on social media at big farm. As we continue eleven forty seven in those are big things you need to know make every acre of soybeans, your most productive benefit from objective third party insights of Iowa Soybean Associations Research Center for farming innovation funded by the soybean checkoff get started at a subway beans dot com. We're going out in the field coming up here..

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