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You know rick when i was with mr porter i know it's probably five or six years ago the time flies by so quickly that you know it's hard it's hard to a just pinpointed but an when you bring big porter up like they say things about him that he was always so good about the welfare of the horse i mean not worked remember thirteen years and he's not alone in this i mean there's a lot of owners that are in the same frame of mind see is that many times you'd have a horse it's going down the ladder that could drop down in lower claiming prices now he's gonna give it away to find a new home with a new career matter of fact my wife cynthia who is vice president take two thoroughbreds which 'em concentrate on repurchasing horses to the show a division like john hunters in jumpers she has one right now that rick gave her that you know who's running for forty thousand claimer but instead of dropping down where he could probably went you know one of racing and get more money he gave the horse away too because it's the right thing to do he you know he loves this horse so you know rick was very very good about that so or you know like my extensive the same way the metal jumped by for now we had our worst earlier this year he didn't quite meet the standard so we try to get by the hit the greatest stakes horses and he was just not that quality instead of dropping down to another level or selling to some smaller track where he could probably win a race to he gave in white to do vocations which is another great facility in in kentucky that just does a fantastic job and we purposely horses and finding a new career in warmer honestly i think that that's something that's not emphasized by enough i think the industry of the whole including owners trainers have breeders should emphasize more on the positive is on this on this great industry instead of being on the defensive all the time a i mean you have my wife is very very involved with this and she would tell me they they're seventy approved proved a a locations in a bitter approved by the thoroughbred alliance association where we purposely horses in the united states and then you take like i say new locations in and take to my wife is a thought where there's so many organizations out there there are just looking for the welfare of the horse and these were all terrible organizations these are moneymakers easer all nonprofit organizations are supported by these owners the trainers the breeders in this industry they care about their horses a an i would guess i would say the the the the t m b purpose of the horses in the service industry can match any industry of any you know welfare animal welfare organization i mean they just do a fantastic job about you know we purposely sources and give him a new careers every track i think just about united states now has a program that one of the once.

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